Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hi these are the l.o.'s I completed in the last 2 nights 1 0f Rainee and the other of Trinity. Today has been like Christmas here for me I got a lovely big box on the doorstep this morning from the lovely girls at Scrapbook Designs and they must have known I would use all my Chipboard Plain Janes flowers on Trins l.o. as they sent me some more yahoo. Also if you would like to drop by their blog for lots of lovely looking creations and great info it is they have just got new stock in and are so helpful even over the phone, I dont think I have ever asked about something they did not already know about. Well I guess you can tell these girls are my favs as I have spoken about them again today.
On the home front all is good, D.H. is off earning another dollar today and I am finding it quite nice around here just the kids and I, it has been great having him home but he is getting a bit past it and needs his space, he finds it really hard doing stuff with the kids hanging around trying to help him, go figure?? Now he knows what I go through but I think Mum's have a lot more patience, I think the neighbours would be welcoming the quiet too as his patience has been on zero tolerance for a while, poor kids!!! At the moment the girls are painting toenails a lovely blue, which was Trins present for getting her filling done, boy that was a drama but Praise the Lord it is now done and we hopefully dont have to go down that road anytime soon, so back to the toenails, they are looking just lush I can tell you and now the little stickers are being added on top, you have to love them I will take a pic when they have finished. Zay is zoned out in little red tractor land, he would just watch him all day however I think this 1 DVD is worn out, will have to hunt out some diff ones. Did anyone see Morning show with Kerrie Ann (hope thats how she spells it) this a.m. I was busy getting a morning Cappo when Trin yelled "quick Mum look at this" they had the Christmas pressies for kids review and wow what fantastic stuff they had. The little cars and bikes for toddlers up all motorised I would love to have some of them for Christmas morning, Zay was just in awe with his wows and ohs they had a little motorised lightning Maclean and wiggles soft bouncy car and motorbikes and monopoly with credit cards wow wish I was a kid again. Anyways better go and get some lunch happening and little tike to bed or he wont be up for getting Keelan from school. Have a good one.
Take care

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

mojo back


Well I can honestly say that my mojo has come home!!! Thank goodness I was getting rather worried about the stuff I was producing and the lack of L.O. ideas running through my head, I scrapped up a storm to put L.O's in The Scrapbook Getaway, Tracey and Michelle's new store in town and was pleased with them all but I have to say that what I have done recently bar a couple have all disappointed me but last night the great power of creative inspiration swept back over me and today and tonight I have done 2 L.O.'s that I actually feel happy with so that is exciting stuff for me!!! Okay I know small things amuse small minds but hey sometimes you have to make good of the small stuff. lol. I really think these girls that are on multiple design teams and running the home front with Family and then creating up heavenly stuff all the time on their blogs are just so amazing, they are really talented girls as are my Girls at Scrapbook Designs, they never fail to produce top class work and are thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone all the time to keep everyone just coming at them for more. How exhausting it is thinking about it but truly you girls are just so awesome, take a bow!!!

Now onto the mundane home front, Hubby working the next few days I think so it is all back in my lap, up early with the kids, waking Zay up to go and pick up Keelan poor little man so hates that, today he was snuggling back in and shutting his eyes every time I woke him with "Zay come on babe we have to go pick up the kids", he let me carry him to the car and I dont think he came to till we got home again. He loves his beddy that boy, can't say I blame him. Something about my Boys, they have really lovely energies in their rooms and bed, I used to snuggle in Keelan's bed when he was away with his Dad for the weekend and I was missing him or had the saddies just to feel at peace and connected to him. I find now I will get the urge to go to Zay's room when I want some quiet time and I always feel heaps better for doing it, they have great energy!!!

I think as of Monday next week we will take the tent and camp at school till it finishes as we have to be there every Day for Kindy Graduation and school concert and Graduation mass and the list goes on and on not to mention Santa at the park on Thursday so they are certainly finishing up full on.

Well that is it for now.

Take care

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rain again

Well it is raining again!! This weather has some issues with us at the moment, it is going crazy all around Australia. On the homefront not a lot, accomplished a large pile of ironing today, most of it mine so I cant complain, D.H. has gone to work for a couple of days putting up patios in the glorious rain, he will come home drenched in his shorts and tee, poor darl and I only just put the solar hart on so it better heat up quick!! Had to take 3 kidlets in my little car again today to pick up Keelan, have not had that job for ages and my ears and head were ringing by the time we got home, Keelan was bashing it out to me in the front about a cricket match at school and the 3 in the back were pulling hair and screaming and laughing and it was raining mixed in with that, so I blew my stack and they shut it real quick, no wonder my poor old nerves are frayed, was not looking forward to going back to these trips, hoped Hubby could be home till the end of school year but not so for the next couple of days. Bummer!!! I think we should build a house with a lock down room for me when the kids start the noisy times, my scrap room does not have a door so it flows in here just as much as if I was near them!!!

Keelan is getting tired and low on energy he told me today and he really is ready for the long Christmas break, even a day off yesterday has not recharged him!! Mind you I think 2 weeks at a deserted island wouldnt even replenish me at the moment!!lol. It sure has been some kind of year.

A quick note to my Bro Brad, hope you get better soon, I know you could also do with a huge holiday and pampering!!! And also to my darling kindred spirit Jen, hope you bounce onwards and upwards soon my gorgeous Friend, wish I was around the corner for some bubbly uplift together!!! I know if I come visit with the tribe wouldn't that lift your spirits???? Don't panic, I wouldnt do that to you!!

Well that is it for today, must go and get more cleaning up done before D.H. comes in the door and has heart failure!!

Take care

Monday, November 27, 2006

Here are the rest of the cards we made at the stamp camp and a little magnet for Christmas I made. And my master cuteness himself Zaylan with his mop of mop of curls. I have got the brain box ticking over for a great scrap page for this photo.

So that is it for the pics today.

Take care



These layouts did not post quite the way I wanted, they are double layouts and sorry the pic quality is so poor. The tin we did at the retreat and they came up "fabulous darlings" everyone had such personal touches added they all looked so different. I will try and add some more pics too the old blog is looking a bit dull, if anyone knows how to get a blog list added to my sidebar could they please tell me and also how to get a link to put photos of my work into I would love some help, struggling with some things on the blog side!! I need to pretty it up a tad!! I have used some of my older stash products in these so they dont look so up beat and modern but they were still fun to do and I have so many photos I do need to be getting plenty done. Well must go and achieve something.

Take care

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Well Done Damien!!!


Well that was a great result in Idol, I so love Damien and his voice well I think it is magic, will be purchasing anything he has on offer with his music!! Jess was gorgeous as well but she is still young and I dont think that is the last we have seen of her.

So the day has been not to exciting on the home front, bit of a lazy Sunday, I did manage to work some more on some layouts so I will post them tomorrow so you can see. Zaylan is just coming to the interesting toddler stage where the personality is starting to bust out, he can say "dont know" now and he knows all the animal sounds, he has us in fits of laughter at the dinner table, I just went and covered him up and it is the face of an angel snuggled up in bed, just love them when they are asleep they look so angelic. He is a little dot snuggled up in his new race car bed, I just want him to slow down, he was a baby 1 minute and now he is turning into a little boy. Every Mother's ache I think to see her baby of the family growing up way too fast.

I started work on a canvas today, I am keen to get some photos of our family up on the wall and then I have to start a couple of Christmas presents, I just have to get myself organised which for me is not easy sometimes. However with Christmas tapping on the door, that should be all the motivation I need. Also need to do some travel ATC's for Scrapbook Designs swap due by 18th Dec. more creativity needed in this house this week.

Oh well that is it for tonight, will get some more pics happening tomorrow, brighten the old blog up again.

Take care

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well yesterday was huge but mission accomplished so very proud of the sparkling house, in time for a visit from the In laws today for (lunch), nibblies, wine, BBQ and way too much food but it was all yum and all good till Zay decided to choke and loose all the contents of his stomach with it, poor MIL was sitting next to him but hey gotta love her she merrily kept eating while Tim caught the contents in a cup while I ran around like a nit in a fit trying to find something quick but you know the score when you hurry you really dont achieve it any faster!!! So I ran a bath and Tim got the mop and the clean up mission began all the while MIL was still trying to finish her lunch, lol, got to love her nothing fazes her!!!

Apart from the Girls having giggle fits and wrestles while us 4 adults shouted over them it was all pretty much the norm!! I asked MIL if her kids behaved like my kids when she was trying to talk to people all those year ago (secretly doubting that shock our generation would behave so bad) and she blew my belief out of the water with" PLEASE of course he did, they are just being Children, let them go they are fine, they have to let off steam sometime". Well pick my jaw up off the floor, how wonderful to come across someone her age who does not get annoyed with the Children being themselves, you see I have come across a lot of the older generation who seem to be so critical about how our Children behave so I get uptight with the kids when they are not on best behaviour, I can see we will have the best Christmas with In laws this year as they are so relaxed around the Children and nothing fazes them. So it was a perfect day really. I did a double layout last night but will post it tomorrow.
Well hope you are having a good weekend and if you are reading this Thankyou for stopping by.

Take care

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mums and vomit!!!

Well today has been eventful as usual, had an early hair appointment and enjoyed every minute of being pampered and having a cappo in the process and then shopping and home, unpack it, have lunch and then Rainee and I went ripping around town trying to find things I used on the stamp/scrap weekend but no you wont find it in this town boy I may as well be speaking another language so I have walked the old legs off to no avail, that is 2 towns in the South West I have tried now, how bloody hard is it to get a jar of mixed gold leaf shavings????? I will have to wait till I hit Perth obviously and then I might not seem to be such an alien!! lol.
The Girls had late hair appointments for a trim and in the midst of running around Rainee got a belly ache and got unwell, we picked Keelan up flew into town finished off the last of my "milk run " and then dropped him at scrapping and came home to get Trin and Rainee seemed ok so back in the car and into town and made the appointment by a minute over, so all is going well getting their hair done at the same time by different girls, Rainee had my hairdresser and she is standing there getting the back cut and then the side and then she got asked to turn around and next minute she is in my lap and would not budge or say a thing what was wrong UNTILLLLL burp and spew up it came in my handbag over the cape and that was the only thing I could hold it in as Taryn ran to get a bucket but came back with towels and it was still all coming up I think everyone in the hairdresser just froze in time and looked on in disbelief and the smell well dont go there so Taryn said quick lift her up to the basin so as I take the cape off I pour spew onto my foot and shoe oh it just got worse, the girls really didnt know what to do, the young juniors have obviously never seen spew before and all stared dumbfounded, apparently that was a 1st for the salon and it had to be my child anyway she felt better after getting rid of it all and I mopped and cleaned up the salon and I hope the smell has gone, I think next time I need to book her in they will be booked out. Poor chick she managed to get her hair finished and we had to duck into the grocery store before I came home and no-one stood close to us for long I can assure you!!! Then she wanted an icecream before we left the shopping centre she bounced back quick but I think my pride will be gone for a while before I go back there!!! Kids you gotta love em.

Tomorrow for me is Hard core cleaning in this house:
I am going to expose and scrub every crack,
suck up every loose fibre,
dust all the hard wood,
polish all the knobs,
bare every germ and kill him,
get everything clean and naked
and have this house looking clean and pristine while the kidlets are at day care!! Believe me it needs it, I just need to feel it bare of bugs and clean as a whistle. Well that is my bit of wit to leave you with. Have a good one tomorrow.

Take care

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Busy Busy

Well today has been hectic, we had a time frame to stay in all day just to get everything done and now I feel really exhausted lol. We dropped the 2 big kids at school and then dropped the 2 little ones to Grandma and Grandpa and then shopped flat out, getting Christmas presents for our kids and Nieces and Nephews and the Grandparents, I hoped to have it all finished but we ran out of steam and time but it is nearly all done!!! The expense this time of the year is huge but I will have to go back to the way I used to do it and shop for Christmas through the year, we did get some good bargains but for our Kids, Big W started a toy sale at 2pm and we went through the checkout on the knocker!! Some days you just get lucky hey!!

Rainee had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa, Zay on the other hand would not let our legs go and just wanted major cuddles so I guess he was ready for home!! Rainee loves older people, she would spend weeks with them be it my Parents or Tim's or my Dad's sister, she just loves how they have so much time for her!! I wish I had more time for her but it just gets so hectic sometimes, with a rush to be here and there and appointments and food shopping, I can see why she cherishes the time with them though, I can remember being the same and they spoil you, just make you feel so special. It is funny though how jelly can taste so different when your Nana makes it for you!! So my Kids are hanging for the school holidays just to go and stay with Nana, they are fighting over who is going with who and when, oh my head hurts trying to deal with it all, lol, thank goodness Zay does not understand what all that is about just yet or poor Mum and Dad would have all 4 bickering over them although Zay is very connected to Grandad, he just wont let him go and I am sure if I took his bag packed and he was guaranteed a week of just Grandad with a bit of Nana thrown in, he would not knock it back. Oh far out I feel like I am rambling, just flowing along with this
Well will leave it there.

Take care

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Some creations.

I have finally got some pics to show of 3 l.o.'s I created on the weekend, still not happy with the quality of the photos to get them posted here but for now it will have to do!! The first is 2 cards I made, the 1st was a workshop one and the second I created with my stampin up stuff, they turned out really nice, much better than the pic shows. The next l.o. is Rainee and I made the background paper also with the stampin up stamps, did not want to put too much on as I really like the background paper. The next 2 are Mikayla Marie, my gorgeous neice, she is the hardest kidlet to get a pic of so I named it camera shy as my brother had to hold her still so I could capture her, love this little chicklet to bits, don't see enough of her, she loves spending time with my girls and they love being with her also, even Zaylan says moo moo, (nickname) when he sees her pic. Last but not least is Cheeky boy, Zay. I journalled about how he is also hard to get a pic as when he sees the camera he runs at you saying "CHEEEEESSSE"
and you end up with lots of blurry photos before you get some good ones.

I have some more cards which I will get on here soon, I need to pull my finger out with getting some photos on paper but as the pile is not getting any smaller, some ladies on the weekend made some 6x6 albums up in no time so I may have to do some of them but I also just got some 8x8 albums so I am really keen to do more that size. I am finding lately I dont like to put a lot on the pages so to make them smaller would be better, will have to get some opinions when I give them a go.

A big Thankyou to you girls who drop by and leave a comment, it is lovely to have your input, I do really enjoy reading what you have to say and value it. With so many talented ladies out there I am just a little fish recording moments for my Family so I hope no one thinks I am doing this to brag about what I do, I love having a blog as it records things for me and I am able to share it with those who care to drop by.

Apart from that the girls have had a day of turning the games room upside down and laughing and playing too loud until someone got hurt, just the norm really, Zaylan went out the gate this a.m. after the dog and was found wandering around next door by the Police Sarge who lives next to them, the girls as well had gone to get the dog so he bought them back oopppps, Tim has now got a combination lock for the gate so now the dog and kids can not get out the gate!!!! Mind you it is Zay who lets her out but they have been warned about going out the front!!! Lucky we dont live on a highway but the Sarge was worried Zay may have gone down the end of the street and through the bushes onto the main road. So if they get out now there will be hell to pay!!!! I think I will be going to beach with them every morning in the holidays to burn off some steam just to get a bit of peace in the P.M. otherwise they are going to drive me insane, lol
they just have days like today where they dont let up on each other and making a mess and mischief all day and by this time of day it is certainly getting under my skin!!!

Anyway I must go and do some domestics, get tea and all that joy will be starting soon.

Take care

Monday, November 20, 2006

Great weekend

Hello, I am exhausted but I have had the greatest weekend. I have learnt lots, achieved lots and met some really lovely Ladies, the food was lovely healthy and wholesome and the projects we did were out of this world. I will post some pics tomorrow. Tim did a wonderful job with the Kids on the weekend, cooking and looking after them and then cooked tea for us last night so that was really lovely. He is the best Hubby I could ever ask for!! The kids just could not get enough of me when I got home so I spent plenty of time with them hearing about their weekend and having hundreds of hugs.

Had a wonderful time with Mum, Melissa and Ellen, such wonderful ladies to be inspired with. We covered a tin and made plenty of cards with some techniques I have never used before and Mum well she blew me away doing lots she has never done before, she got right into it and made some lovely things. We have all come home exhausted and after a busy day today I am really feeling tired tonight. Kaye did the best camp and she is such a relaxed lady which made us all feel really at ease.
I would also like to congratulate Richelle and Mark who are expecting number 4 in June 07, how exciting guys but after having our last 2 born around the same time I will not be joining you on this one, we are not extending this family anymore, I can enjoy other babies and hand them back. Zay has gone into his bed last week, no more cot in this household so that is the end of the baby era here. He is doing great with his bed and even his day sleeps are still happening, he does perform a bit, but once I shut his door he knows its sleep time, hope he keeps up the sleeps for a while longer otherwise he will get too tired and ratty.

Well thats it from me, will get some pics up tomorrow.

Take care

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy packing

Been busy packing today getting all my stuff organised for STAMP CAMP tomorrow, last sleep YAY, can't wait to go away for a weekend of fun and creating and meeting new Ladies!! Had to create a card tonight in the middle of my mess, what to take and what not to take and you know I get the beautiful making memories totes for my Birthday but they just don't hold much stuff, I don't know what would be the best way to be organised for these retreats??? I thought I had the ultimate but NO it is all too small and what embellishments do you take?? Ribbons?? Sure as eggs the ones I need will be here at home waiting for me!!! Anyway I will have to make do, I have stamps and every colour stampin up pad so I am sure I could improvise if I really tried. lol. The fun part will be the clothes tomorrow, what fits seeing as since DH has been home and having AM and PM tea and the cakes or slices the old hips and waist have gone outwards again, oh darn back on the salads and water, I really dont need to be getting any larger!!!

So I will be reporting back in Sunday night hopefully if I manage to get some sleep on camp otherwise Monday I guess. Have a great weekend all and Thanks to you great Girls who have left me lovely comments, I really appreciate that!!

Take care

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

quick toddlers

Today as I was doing the lovely housework (not) my Darling toddler came back from taking his Bro and Sis to school and needed his nappy changed. I had just set up the ironing board and put the clothes all on his change table when Tim and Zay came into the room to change him. While we tryed to clear the ironing pile off the change table, Zay decided to check out the iron and ssssssssizzle went his fingers, Oh boy he was very upset as you would be with a burn, but it happened so quick and we did not see him actually do it so it took a while to understand why he was so upset. He finally made it clear to us it was his fingers so as the dirty exposed I grabbed a cold flannel and tryed to comfort him. It took him a couple of hours and some panadol to settle down and lots of loving from Mum. Poor little darling has a blister on his finger now. Boy they are quick!!!! Anyhow he was fine this afternoon and now he really does understand what burnies means.

I have been creating, the layout about the flowers turned out to be crap, I am too ashamed to post it, had a bad creation I cant believe it. Never mind build a bridge and get over it as the lovely Mel would say. Since then I have done some ATC's for stamp camp and a card and thankfully they have turned out fine, I was nearly ready to sell all this scrap stuff after the last layout as I think my talent is in my boots, especially when I look at the stuff these other talented girls can create one after the other, if only I had a sparkle of that talent!!!! I WISH. At least what I do create is liked by the Family so I guess seeing as it is about them I have to accept that. I just hope before I die I can find what is it that I rock at, do you know what I mean?? I dont think I have shone in anything I have done so far in life, just Mrs Average plodding along trying to milk the brain cells of all they have!!!(unfortunately it is not enough) lol.

Well on that note better fly and get something else done.

Take care

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blown away

Today has been great!!! I have been busy with a lot of Monday's jobs today seeing as I had a huge washing pile yesterday but I have achieved heaps, I have got the old cooking bug back and made Apple and Sultana Muffins and good old fav Family Chocolate Cake, it's such a goodie and makes a small baking tin size cake so you can freeze half if the Kids don't eat it 1st and we are having Roast Lamb for tea and cauli cheese yum oh. But amid all my domestic duties my darling Daughters did the most wonderful thing which they usually do once a week but Today it really made me stop and notice, I walked into the kitchen with my beautiful clean sparkling bench and there on top was the flowers in the photo above, at first I was ready to carry on about the drips of water left everywhere as by now the kids had dispersed to other rooms, but I stopped and looked and wondered why they did this every week and thought they are showing they Love me. So I went and found Trinity and asked her why did she bring the flowers in and who did she pick them for? Her answer "I picked them for you Mummy" why did you pick them for me Trini? "To show you I love you Mummy" WOW BLOWN AWAY. So all the Day I spend cooking them cakes because I Love them and clean the house for them because I love them, they are doing something for me because they love me!!! Sometimes the most simple things just have the biggest impact. I am proud of these Girls, they rock!!! So I had to go and take a photo of them in the sandpit so I can of course scrap a page about this little token of love. They have made my DAY!! So apart from that not a lot else happening, will get to create tonight, tummy is feeling much better, got over throwing a sad, whatever it was sad about I do not know but it better stay away. Bring on the love and throw the sads away, lol. Well better go and grab D.H. for a coffee and try out this choc cake, the Kids are fanging for it.

Take care

Monday, November 13, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Weekend away

Well it has been a rather full on weekend but so lovely to get away. We stayed in Perth Friday night at Mum and Dad's and then on Saturday morning packed up again and drove to Three Springs. We had a picnic lunch at the park in Moora and let the Kids have a car break etc. The flies but far out, the little black bushy flies are in heaven there at the moment. You had to watch you only ate your roll as they tried to enter your mouth with it!! Oh the fun of the bush!! Can say I don't really miss living in remote places and being out on the land. Then we finished the rest of the trip, we stayed in Carnamah at the caravan park in a chalet which was nice. We got unpacked and had a cuppa and then it was flat out time to get ready for the 5pm Christening and as usual we turn up last!! Time just gets away with us, 6 of us getting ready to go somewhere and suddenly we are in the car racing to make it on time. hmmm. Anyway it was a lovely Christening and the Children were well behaved as at that time of night they are usually going mad. We went back to my Bro and SIL's house for a lovely tea and then Jamie showed us their shop before we left, they have the local IGA up there and have done heaps of work cleaning and fixing it all up, they have made it something it looks great. It has been over a year since my Mum and Dad and Brothers and Families and us have been together and we have planned a Family BBQ in December in Perth so the Kids can see each other again and we can get lots of photos of us all.
Sunday was a huge drive home, I drove half way home and then handed it over to Tim, and then I thought I might get some shut eye but no the Kids had other ideas, by then they were so over the car trip, over 6 hours in the car, I spent the rest of the trip trying to get Rainee and Zaylan to sleep and Trinity and Keelan to be quiet. We picked the Dog up at Eaton and had a break and then finally got home at around 5pm. So the washing machine has not stopped since. Tim has gone on a School excursion today with Keelan, such a good Dad he is and I am glad it is him and not me as my stomach has been upset since we got home yesterday and feels so sore today, don't know what my intestines are up to at the moment. I just would like to have a week that I stayed well, must be time for me to get a check up done on this old body and see what it is up to. So miss seeing our Homeopath in Denmark she rocked!!!!

I am counting down the sleeps till Stamp Camp this Weekend, can't wait to spend time with gorgeous Melissa and Mum and have some creating time in some wonderful company instead of the radio in the background, it feels like so long ago when we had Art shack retreat with Scrapbook Designs which was awesome, I have been busting to be spoilt and have some Me time since.

This week I will have to get busy getting some ATC's for camp ready and see if I can create 2 cards to take to share with the other Ladies, will see how time goes. Well sorry for the long boring post, Thankyou for taking the time to stop by.

Take care

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calm Day today

Hi all, Today has been a much better day on the home front which is great for Tim and I. 2 at school today and 2 home and no 4 year old tantrums today, divine!! I have created these 2 layouts the last 2 nights, I am usually not a frog person but I cut the frogs out of pp and they are cute. And Zaylan well he is a Darling, such an easy Baby and still really no trouble, some days touches of the Terrible two's are present but on the whole he is my Angel. Still sleeps 2-3 hours a Day and gets up so happy and cuddly, Love him to pieces. Then tonight I have done this layout of Rainee, just had this layout in my head all day and it was so quick and easy, the idea is the hardest to come up with but once it is there you can go with it, just wonder why the layouts look so much better in the head then when I get them on paper!! And I had to go with a little glitter, just couldn't do a Girlie layout without the glam. This ballerina costume drew out another side of Rainee, I have never seen her so out there and she owned her Birthday from start to finish, it was her party and no-one was going to muck up her day, she made fun out of not much at all, bless her. The great thing about Rainee is that the last 2 Birthday's I have asked her what was the best thing about her special day and she has replied both times "blowing out my candles", she just thinks that is so amazing. How wonderful to hear that response and it is not about the presents to her. She just loves us all to be there for her on her special day and sing Happy Birthday so she can blow out her candles. I think we forget sometimes with Children it is the simple things that mean the world to them and Family and Love. Well on that note I will finish and go and get some shut eye, off to the torture chamber tomorrow (waxing), oh the pain and punishment we suffer to have smooth legs!!! Have a great day!

Take care


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hate Humidity

I do really hate humid Days and today has been a real energy sapping one. I think the Kids must sense when the Parents are low on energy and they decide to have an absolute shocker of a Day. The Girls started today at each others throats so I took Rainee shopping and Tim had the other 2. Funny thing when you take Kids shopping what ends up in your trolley. The little sweet tooth in Rainee was out in full force today and she was starving looking at the food. She demolished 2 muesli bars just in the car park while I unloaded the trolley. I can not work out how she is so a skinny mini, she loves chowing down lately. But you should have seen my trolley, it needed hungry boards, 1 old Man asked if I needed a motor on the trolley. lol. Others stopped just to see how my milk was hanging on right at the front of my trolley, these days I leave shopping till the last minute, I have never been like that, I was a once a week shopper but now pleaaaase do I have to shop at all. Anyway I stocked up so hopefully I will get by for a while.

This arvo I called into The Scrapbook Getaway and as usual new stock just begged me to buy it, a few things for a layout I want to do on Zaylan. So I printed this gorgeous photo out of him and looked closer and what is that from his nose SNOT, far out I need to erase it, pretty much has been the gastro or colds week about for my Kids this year. I don't know if it was the move from a Farm and fresh air to a coastal place but I hope the immunity steps up soon. So back to snot photo, I have had to find some others. bummer, not able to do all the digital cleanup yet. May have to make that my next learning adventure.

Anyway better go create while the Darlings are in bed and time is precious.
Thanks for stopping by.

Take care

Monday, November 06, 2006

Rainees layout.

Yay it finally downloaded for me, this is the layout I did last night of my little ballerina on the day she turned 4, all Day she wore this and danced and sang and had an absolute ball. I have used Kindy Glitz (yay love it could eat it) and buttons and flowers and brads and doodled, I love doodling always have while I have been on the phone or day dreaming, I doodle. That is the brighter news now who just watched idol booooooo boooo hooooo Chris Murphy gone, what is this world coming to, so sad, I think he is awesome. I hope he gets to go to bigger things. Don't want to believe that is the last we have seen of him!!!
Okay I am going to go and create. Have a good night.
Take care

Monday mayhem

Monday is the most full on Day around here, doing all the bed changing and usual major house cleaning stuff however it is great to get to the end of it and look at a clean house for 5 minutes. The house is pretty quiet with Zaylan and Rainee here for the Day but the peace explodes when Trinity and Keelan get home after school, it is pretty much full on eating and telling about the Day. I even gave the Pup her bath today and wore most of it and then flea treated her and wormed her so she should be in heaven with herself at the moment, of course she tried to bust outside and find the dirt to roll in but with 4 Kids to chase her and hold her she did not have much success on that front.

Our neighbour came over this evening and warned us about the not so nice visitors being around as they had money stolen from inside their house last Thursday night and the car was ransacked, funny because our security light has been coming on at odd times lately and I have had weird feelings about being watched and seeing a horrible face when I have been trying to go to sleep, trust your senses, they tell us something is not right. The mongrel @@#$%$@$ that are doing this better get caught soon. Tim is getting his Tae kwon do moves all sorted ready for them. And as for the dog well she would kill them with kisses or absolutely poop herself and run inside so there is no comfort in having her around. I did another layout last night but after several tries to post it I have given up, will try again tomorrow. Well off to watch idol, sorry for the boring post.

Take care

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Raining in Busselton

This is a page I worked on last night of my Eldest Daughter Trinity. She is so into nature, from collecting bugs and frogs to picking flowers and anything connected to the garden and outside really. She is a real sweetie. The colours look so much better IRL as I am still having trouble getting the photo to show the real colours of the page.

Today it is raining in our beautiful coastal town of Busselton, whats is up with this weather?? Due to the rain the Kids are stuck inside and they are not being on their best behaviour today let me tell you. Rainee has had 4 y.o. screaming matches this morning and Trinity shut the bedroom door which had Zaylan's head connected to it so he is sporting a nice swollen eyebrow, pretty much a normal day here really, the Girls have been told numerous times to get dressed, clean teeth, make and clean up their room but no they have to stress Mum and Dad out and muck up till someone gets hurt. So we have moved through that drama and now they are into eating up a storm and won't stay out of the fridge or pantry. I see why we
Scrapbook as it makes us dwell on the positives of the Children and find really nice things to say about them even when they have nearly sent us mental all day. Divine little inventions sent to send Mum and Dad mental!!! Anyway thankfully every day is not a rainy day and that these dreaded colds the Kids get at Daycare and bring home to Mum are not around for tooooooo long. Kids you gotta love em!!! Apart from that I am going to clean my Scrap room today, it is in such disorder that I really can't talk to the kids about their room when they see what I am creating in. HMmmmm my Mum would be having kittens herself. So I will go and get on with more cleaning, I thought Sunday was the day of rest, well never in this household.

Take care

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Rainee who recently turned 4 and spent the day as a ballerina, she had a blast.
My big boy Keelan who is 10. He has grown into the most gorgeous person. We find him a great mate, he helps with the younger siblings and is a constant help to Tim and myself. He has the most beautiful nature, I hope he never changes. The other is of my Neice Dakota Mae who is just gorgeous. Hope you enjoy these, the layouts look better IRL with all the doodling and kindy glitz, I am loving playing with the kindy glitz and pens at the moment. Hope my photo posting gets better, feel free to add any tips to help me.

Thanks for looking

My first post

Today is my first post, I have wanted a blog for so long and today as I am sick, I am allowing myself this time to get it set up. I will have to learn about getting my Scrapbooking pages onto here but in time that will come. I am on a design team for Scrapbook Getaway which is a new shop, the opening was last Friday and now my work is up in the shop with 4 Kids I have plenty to scrapbook and usually too little time to do it, but my Hubby is great, he is used to me sitting up till Midnight scrapping or making ATC's or cards.

I will keep this post short as I need to now spend more time working out how to get some work posted here and make this a little more exciting.

Take care

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I am wife to Tim and SAHM to four kids. Love scrapbooking with a passion as it captures colour, love and beauty and expression all in a layout. Love Coffee, chocolate and lazy days with the Family.