Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty full on day and great in so many ways but it finished off with Zaylan doing this to himself which really was the most scary injury I have been presented with so far. Let me digress:

Started off with us all getting out the door for the day without too much hassle, dropped the kids to school then Zay to daycare which he was not pleased about at all, tears and holding my neck so tight that I was being strangled but Mon came to the rescue and got him to cuddle and dribble on her while I left and waved goodbye heading out the road. I had an early waxing appointment so off to that I went, feeling like a Lady again I left there and had a bit of a shop at Target then flew home, put some washing on did a quick whip around the house of sorts, prettied myself up again and went and met my Bestie for some lunch oh after I stopped by and bought some fav CD's to listen to. Foo Fighters and Gabriella Cilmi now in my collection woo hoo.

After lunch we grabbed some groceries for tea, flew home again and unloaded them and then back to Besties house for a wash, cut and blow dry, too good. Then it was time to pick the kiddos up so off to get them and then I had a parent/teacher interview with Rainee's teacher, seems all is well with her and Pre primary. Off then to Harvey Norman for Keelan to buy a Memory stick for school work and then pick up one happy little boy who ended up having a great day of play.

Home and start tea and get fire going along with lots of other bits on the go although I decided I really needed a chicken and tomato risotto for tea so that is a little on the need attention side which meant I could not be buzzing around getting kiddos in for bath etc as they were all playing out the backyard and it was starting to get cold and dark. Next minute crying and Keelan comes in with Zaylan and I turned around to see an egg on his eyebrow the size of a big marble and bleeding coming from his cut on the eyelid. Off went tea, out with the freezer pack and an assessment of whether the hospital was needed for the cut, the lump just threw me, it was huge and the worst fright any of the kids have every given me. So we did ice and it appeared to go down and Keelan was nurse while I got the girls into a cold shower, grrrr as I didn't put the solar heater booster on and the fire was still struggling to get going, when it gets hectic, it sure lets rip. Anyway it all calmed after a while and I was sure glad to tuck them into bed last night before anything else could happen. Zay is stopping people in their tracks today as his eye is far worse than the photos seem to show and he is bumping into things as the bung one is half shut. I can only imagine in the next few days as the bruising comes out what pretty colours it will turn. OMG he has certainly turned into a boy lately, and how did it happen you ask well you pull apart your plastic play house and try to kill the clothesline with the pole only to have the pole come right back at ya and belt you in the eye. Has he learnt his lesson, no way he is back out there today with the sticks he can find belting whatever gets in his way. Ohhhh no wonder I am going grey. LOL.

This morning we have been to Keelan's class prayer morning which was just wonderful, Father Wally was also there and had some lovely words to say to the children. Then Zay and I shopped and stopped, stopped to explain the eye to everyone who grimaced in pain when they looked at him, never had so many people stopping me to chat before. LOL. Home now and cleaning up the feral urban tip we abode in and tomorrow after Dancing and Soccer I am heading to the big smoke to catch up with Mumma and Pappa for a night with the kiddos, roast lamb with them tomorrow night and breaky by the beach on Sunday, woo hoo can't wait. I am also feeling really liberated ATM with managing the home front by myself, all my doubt has subsided and it is replaced with a high of YES I AM DOING IT, we are going great guns on the home front. Have a great weekend.
Take care, Trace.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not hectic, it's insane!!

Life is just too full on for my liking ATM, I don't have time to stop and smell the roses or any such nicety that may take my fancy. Today I needed to be in 3 places at 11am, 1 was doing a favour for a friend and picking up her Daughter from Netball, the other was picking up Trin from Dancing and Rainee had a Birthday party to be delivered to and Keelan who also needed to be 30 mins away in another town at 11am thankfully got a lift with the friends Daughter I picked up, phew if you imagine a ping pong ball going back and forth that was pretty much me with other kids in tow the whole time. First delivery started at 9.40am and the car finally rested for the day at home at 3.30pm. In between going in and out I did 4 loads of washing, fed kids, created cards with kids, played musical chairs, musical bobs and statues while the girls had their friend over.

Last night my girlfriend and 2 of her kids came for drinks, nibblies and tea and lucky I didn't have a big night as I would not have got through today at all.

I am finding that I am in a whirlpool of emotion over Tim working away. Some days I love it, other days I hate it with a passion and I can't help think how much our life has changed since leaving the farm and it is not for the better. Tim has had to increase work hours with every job he has had since moving here, so not what we thought we would be faced with when we made the change and to say our family life has suffered for it is definitely the understatement of the century, Zay is really going through a testing stage and the other kids are over him ATM, they are so short with him and have no patience which is really testing my patience. I really do realise when you are raising children that Family support is just the biggest blessing you could have or in the absence of that most definitely the Parents have to be able to work together as a team to make the family life flow, both of these I lack big time.

Keelan's team won 11-0 today, they played a new team for this year so the coach used it as an opportunity to put them in all different positions to see how they played. Geoff met Keelan at the game and did our turn of line duty so that was great. Well I am going to put this miserable tired old self to bed and hopefully I will be ready for another huge day tomorrow, I have a 2 hour round trip with the kids to pick Keelan up in the arvo and Rome and a mountain of ironing to do before that. Life is never dull but no wonder I never have any creations to display.
Take care, Trace.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poor neglected blog.

Well it's been a while and I guess that indicates life has been full on in this household. Tim has gone back yesterday for his next 2 weeks stint but after he rang last night it seems this WA gas problem may also impact them as most South West plants are shutting down and they have a lot of staff they are wanting to send up to Tim's workplace as they are at this stage still able to operate however they may all be getting big cut backs in work due to having to give them all something.

I tell you just when you think things are going to be looking good on the budget for a while it turns to mud!!!

The kiddos and I seem to be finding our way with life without Dad in the house, Zay probably is the worst affected as he can't really understand why he had Dad home for 6 days and now he has gone again. We had a big conversation about why he has to go away or even go to work yesterday but he really can't get it, he said he has plenty of money (coins) so Dad doesn't have to work, how precious are they, if only life could be that plain and simple.

I have been super busy having a big throw out and clean up again, I have got the house to a point now where I can keep up with everything without looking like a chook with it's head cut off, the first week Tim was away the impact was quite major as I suddenly became "IT" for the kiddos, I copped a lot of attitude and meltdowns and mess but by the end of the second week I had started to plow through it all and start to see the sunshine, then Tim came home and everything seemed to stop and I found it hard having him around the house all the time as well as having him go through the re adjustment to noise and kids demands, camp life is pretty good for the workers, they get off the bus, have tea, pack their lunch for the next day, catch up with mates, go to the gym and kick back in their room and watch TV or DVD's if they want to be alone, certainly a lot different than the demands of the Family so he took a few days to adjust. I just hope this all gets easier as time goes on and that's if he still has a job when they work out what is happening up there. sigh.

This seems a bit gloomy but it really is where we are at "ADJUSTMENT" really is our word ATM. LOL.

I haven't been creative on the scrapping side however I have been crocheting every night, the kiddos have orders for their own lap rugs so I am still getting Keelan's done and Zay is dragging his wool out asking me to start on his. LOL. The Girls got their hair chopped off yesterday and they are now sporting short bobs, they look so cute and they can now manage their own hair YIPPEE, this morning they brushed it and put their headbands on without my help, no more fighting and crying over knots, just one of the reasons we went for the chop and although I loved their long hair, I am embracing the change. I will get pics of them and post them.

Keelan is still going well with soccer, they won against one of the best teams on Saturday, boy what a nail biting game, I was very vocal but I blended with the other parents, (I hope), such an exciting game and so great to see this team growing stronger every week. Geoff will be at this weeks game for him as it is out of town and then they are having the weekend together. We went out to tea Saturday night with friends and the kiddos had a great time except for Rainee slamming her finger in the door when we got there, she has had such a bruised and black finger and nail, plus she broke the skin and was bleeding, poor little chick was in pain for the first half of our night, then we all came home and gave her panadol and had hot chocolates and marshmallows.

Well that is about it for now, need to blog more often again so I can keep up with everything happening or the post ends up being really random. Take care, Trace.

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