Thursday, November 29, 2007

missing pics from below.

Dont know if it is me or blogger but this is the 3rd attempt to get these on here. These are missing from the post below.
Trace. xx
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Layout and funky fabric.

I created this layout above of Zay but the photo is not the best, the colours have come out dull as I took it in my scrap room last night but you get the idea. I used my cuttlebug for the first time to add little bits of features to this page, I love the embossed effect it gives for a journal box. I now have it on my scrap table so I use it more often.

Some other great news I purchased the Super Food Ideas bumper Christmas issue a few weeks ago and loved it from start to finish, I was so inspired and all the recipes just seem so yummy without huge amounts of time having to be put into them which is great as I want the kidlets to cook Christmas goodies with me this year. The girls already created their Star wreaths out of the book which I will get a pic of and share. Then I fell in love with the table setting with the funky christmas fabric that was used. I searched town for some of this fabric but the local store has only got in some Christmas fabric that they brought off the ark. It was just gross, so I came home very deflated after the mag had me inspired so much. I then sent an email to Super Food firstly thanking them for such a great issue and then asking then where I could get the fabric as I couldn't narrow it down from the stockists list. They emailed me back with all the details and I have since ordered and received this gorgeous fabric below, so now I just have to get sewing to create our Christmas decor.

I was so excited to receive this gorgeous bundle of fabric, isn't it yummy. But the best news of all, Today I get an email from Natalie at Super Food Ideas to say they had read my email again and decided to include it in Feb issue and asked for my address so they could send my prize. WOO HOO I don't know what is coming yet but how FABBO to take a little time out to Thank people for inspiration and be rewarded with a prize. That is just so rare for me to win something, I am over the moon.

On the not so fun front I have been sick for a fortnight with a chest cold and now my tonsils are infected and then my back went out on Monday so I have been walking like a bent crane for the week, I am just finding I can straighten up today. This mixed with a Prayer and morning tea with Keelan's class on Tuesday and a morning of events that threw everything at me to stop me going but I was going hell or high water and it has been a week I would rather get over and not have again. I just hate being sick and yesterday afternoon I just collapsed on the lounge and had to let Zay do his own thing which he did in fine form, the things I found later, torches left on around the house and then he cut his hair with Tim's clippers, came and gave me a cuddle and left ringlets on my shoulder, oh those beautiful curls. When I questioned him about it he said "Dad cut his hair Mum". Oh boy this child has all the answers. I am feeling the best today that I have felt all week, I just hope this is the end of feeling like utter mud for a long time. I just feel like I could sleep for a week though, the kidlets knowing I was feeling crappy took advantage of being total bickering pains, no nurturing for this Mum, they just pay out on me double time as they know the last thing I feel like doing is carrying out law and order. I am looking forward to a visit from Mum for a few days next week and then she is taking Zay home with her so I can get some Christmas shopping done and the rest of the school events finished without dragging Zay to them all.
Take care

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekends fly by.

It was nice having Tim home for a full weekend, not that much on the list got achieved like we hoped, we had a merry chase to find the poll booths, then had to go on a milk run to drop off things and pick things up so by the time we got home it was goodbye to Saturday morning. We had BBQ Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, kidlets loved it and apart from cooking it Friday night I got the other 2 nights off, gotta love that. Salads go down well in this house and fruit platters so that is easy peasy.

Sunday was Surf club and Trin had the best time again, she gets worn out but she just has so much fun, Keelan was with us this week and he is doing better each time, I am just happy they participate and enjoy it, I am not so hung up on them being the front runners. We stayed for the sausage sizzle then Keelan and my girlfriends kids went on the big slide for an hour so then Trin and Rainee went back down the beach and swam. Zay is not too keen on the water, I think the salt stings his legs, he has sensitive skin so this time he stuck close to me or Karina's Son, Rory no Forrest Gump issues this week.

We got home and then went crazy getting stuff done, got out in my garden for a bit in the late arvo while Tim was finishing off the car cleaning. The beauty about the kidlets getting older is that we can make the most of the longer summer nights by eating later and getting more things done, the kids love playing outside a lot longer so I make the most of that, last year Zay was needing tea at 6pm and bed at 7.30pm so we all had earlier days and then the girls couldnt get to sleep at 7.30pm so we are now eating an hour or so later and I bath them later also works out heaps better. Well that is about it really nothing too exciting happening which is nice for a change, next week will be a different story with all the school things going on so I will enjoy this little reprieve before it ends.
Take care

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Do kidlets always show the faultlines in your Family???

Yesterday I had Keelan home, feeling dizzy and unwell, so I took the girls to school and he looked after Zay for me, when I got home as they knew I was fairly frazzled and under the pump getting Trin motivated for school, they had done the dishes for me and cleaned up the kitchen, what sweeties they are. I then had time to jump on the treadmill and then got stuck into my bathrooms while Zay was being Keelan's little shadow, it was lovely to hear them talking and having Brother time without the sometimes pesky Sisters. I am sure Keelan probably would have been fine for school but sometimes a day home with Mum is just good for the soul, I know I loved pulling sickies and being with Mum.

I went to pick up the Girls in the arvo and Trin's teacher wanted a chat, I just had a sense that things with Trin at school were starting to falter and sure enough she is being a brat, testing her teacher for the wrong kind of attention, of course the question was asked "Is anything different going on at home with Trin ATM as she is acting up at school and for the last fortnight has been not herself". So I then go over everything in my head lately and how much trouble she has been in at home at times mainly for lack of motivation and being asked things 10 times before an answer and yes I am pretty tuckered out trying to get them to bed at all with daylight savings as they will still be having a party at 9pm if they aren't told to go to sleep 20,000 times a night. Hence I have little time and patience to feel I am touching base with her at night before bed, the longer cuddles and kisses and I love you's have become a quick peck, quick cuddle and night GO TO SLEEP. But they have still had their story most nights however it seems no little flinch in routine and lack of love is acceptable to Trin and she is my constant reminder that when important things are loosing priority that she will get it back on track even if it means I am marched to the teacher to be questioned about the monster emerging from Trin.

So this morning I was in no hurry to get any to school, Trin had coughed and dreamt and had a bad night so I had already thought to keep her home and try and get into her head and see what is going on but Keelan woke me with "are you getting up today it's 7.50am and I am going to school" so up I bolt and command orders at everyone and get this house cracking. Keelan made school on time and home we came and the girls packed up their usual goodies and headed outside but come mid morning the signs of the not so good Trin were appearing and she was sent to the naughty chair which she did not do and next thing I hear the stereo blasting and Rainee flies outside with her hands at her ears crying Trin is killing my ears. So I down the volume and look for the culprit who is hiding in her room, march her to the naughty chair and then I start trying to get to bottom of this stuff going on with her. For once the other 2 left me alone and I had the perfect opportunity to get it all sorted out with her and get this Kim her reason is she is missing her Zoe????? So I told her maybe in the Christmas holidays they may be able to see each other. But I know that it is a bucket load of other stuff, end of year tiredness, missing Tim, missing Nana and Grandad and having grumpy Mum as her main carer who is extremely busy, tired and not in a fun place herself ATM. So I guess she is the fault line in our Family and she just shows it all like it is and expresses it the only way she knows how. After our big talk and hug, I sat them all down at the table and got them drawing, Trin is great at drawing and it is a great creative outlet for her but lately she has not even been doing that, so I sharpened pencils and withdrew the urge to hang out washing and just gave my kidlets time and talk and love and reassurance and they are so much better for it all tonight and Trin has had a huge catch up with Nana and Grandad on the phone tonight as she truly loves and misses them and do you know this has been my wake up to get my head out of my rubbish and to start looking at the little people around me more and give them some time on the forefront, I always speak to Mum and the kidlets hardly do so for weeks she has pinned for her Nana and yet a simple phone call could make her feel that connection is still there so as of tonight, every Thursday in this house is Grandparents phone call night and it is purely for the 4 kidlets to speak to Nana and Grandad.

Wow this has been a long post, I really want this to remind me how on track I need to keep things for the Family though. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
Take care

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update on life on the home front.

The weekend flew by with Tim working on Saturday it really did not feel like much of a weekend to tell you the truth, the kidlets played with each other most of Saturday, they love getting in the backyard and builidng cubbies and boats out of the play kitchen and cubby and climbing equipment, the 3 little ones pretty much had fun most of the day with their little games so that was great. Tim got home late in the arvo and he and Zay went off to do a few things so the Girls made their star christmas wreaths, they turned out so lovely, simple but really nice. I am yet to get a pic of them with their creations and then I will show you. Then they saw my Christmas tree I was working on later and wanted to make one so I traced it and they cut and painted them. Zay also wanted to make one so I cut him out a little cardboard one and he painted it.

I got to finish my Christmas tree project late Saturday night and will share that at the start of December, for once it turned out just as I imagined I wanted it. That would be nearly a first for me. LOL.

This week has been hectic, Monday morning I had the Accountants appt, handing over our stuff to a new one and updating him on it all, Zay was great the whole time I was sorting that out. This morning I had to have Keelan and Trin to the school dentist at 9am, Keelan has a clean bill, Trin on the other hand needs at least 4 fillings, not such a good report with her, she has a bad habit of putting toothpaste on and then wiping it off, she hates the taste of it but in doing that she is not getting enough fluoride on her teeth to harden them up hence the eruptions. She was very compliant but so that is huge considering last year we had to get her knocked out nearly to get a filling done. She seems to be over her fear and more confident about it, so she is back to have whatever she will let them do in a fortnight.

Tomorrow I don't have anything but home booked in so I will be getting stuck into cleaning up and then hope to spend sometime scrapping later on. That is about it for now, busy but boring.
Take care and have a great hump day tomorrow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Beautiful heart.

This gorgeous child has the most beautiful heart and soul, I have to share a story that really melted me inside and out. Last night while having tea with the kidlets, Keelan got onto the subject of how he doesn't really belong in our Family, it usually comes up lately when he is getting close to a weekend visit with his Father hence this weekend, anyway it usually starts with him stating he is not a full Brother to the other kidlets etc. No amount of me telling him how he is equal in our household etc works so last night I asked Trin out of the blue " Are these your Brothers or is one your Brother more than the other?" to which she replied "They are both my Brother's equally and I love them both the same and Keelan you should not say you are not my Brother like Zaylan as we don't talk like that in this house, you are both exactly the same to me". Keelan then said a bit taken back" but I am your Step Brother not your real Brother like Zaylan is." But Trin came straight back at him with her little waving the finger attitude " No Keelan stop that is not true we don't think you are any different to us and we love you just the same so don't say that to us, you are our Brother and always will be". Keelan just swelled with pride after that and I just thanked her for being such a gorgeous Sister. What a little Angel, normally it would have ended in tears with Keelan refusing to believe me but I think about it all now and realise that all he has ever needed is for Trinity to say this to him so he doesn't feel different, she spoke from her heart last night and he really took that on board.
Trinity just amazes me all the times you would not think she is paying attention but she is heart and soul, I think I will have to ask her for her opinion a lot more in future when Family discussions arise!!!

I have been busy creating a christmas decoration so when finished I will share, it will take a while as I have to allow each stage to dry. I hope to spend time tomorrow making some other christmas decorations with the kidlets. Tim is working so I will keep them busy creating with me. Sunday will be busy again with surf club and picking up Keelan in the afternoon and that will be our weekend pretty much over.
Take care
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

YAY I scrapped.

Today I finally allowed myself some day time to scrap and it was great. I have felt really flat lately about giving so much time to everything else around here and not achieving anything for me so I am turning over a new leaf and giving me so time out of my day. I now load the dishwasher in the morning and clean the kitchen, get the kids to school and come home and spend 30 mins on my treadmill, it is really hard as something always happens to try and make me get off but I am fighting the demons and just getting that 30 mins in for me, I hope to increase it as the weeks go by and then I get off and jump into my housework while I am pumped and then hopefully on a good day I will get time to scrap. Today while I was on the treadmill Zay got the bar stool and headed off but I thought I am not getting off I will deal with it later, he got into my handbag and put my cards into his wallet, it could have been worse but while I was wild about knowing he was doing something wrong I pounded it out on the treadmill all that sweating has to be good for me right???

The layout above I did Sunday night, I do like the effect of cutting the photo around the people especially when the layout is about that subject.
This is the layout I completed today, I crocheted these ages ago and finally used them today, it was great to do something totally different and not use any P.P. I love how the lettering stamped up, I have ordered as many colours as I could get in the versafine stamp pads, I love the clear image that the ink gives you. My favourite stamping inks right now. Can't wait to get the other colours to play with more.
This is what Zay did while I scrapped, I gave him the wipes and told him to clean his cars and next time I looked they were all wrapped up like this. LOL. At least he was happy near me and I could scrap without that thought of what is he doing it is all quiet. I put FM on and he likes listening to the music and having a chat now and then. I am really trying to get him to spend quiet time with me as next year I will be studying so I need to have him patterned a little. If you get the right thing he will occupy himself for ages but it usually has to be something really different that captures him, like wrapping each car individually and concentrating on trying to cover them up completely.
So don't be shy, leave a comment about what you think of the layouts, I would love some comments good or bad. Hope you are having a happy Wednesday.
Take care
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Wow feelin this heat!!

The weekend did improve after the skate on the floor, Sunday we took the kids to try out the local surf life saving club and see if they liked it, Rainee got cold feet so we left her out of it and Keelan tried to back out last minute until his mates came up and took him under their wing then he was off and into it. Trin had a wonderful time, she loves anything connected to water so she was in her element. We spent from 9am till 1.20pm at the beach, after surf lifesaving they have a sausage sizzle and drink and then we walked to the jetty with the kids and my girlfriend and her kids and let them have a good swim and we paddled and cooled off.

The sun was roaring hot by the time we went to leave and then we realised how hot it was when Tim put the temp on in the car. We came home and did some cleaning up then all sat back for a relax for a while. The kids just loved it and are so excited about going next week, it has a real family atmosphere with lots of parents helping and Tim and I enjoyed it as much as the kids, Rainee is planning on doing it this week so we will see, the great thing is they all have school friends there doing it also.

I have nicknamed Zay, he is now Forrest Gump, he was great most of Sunday while the kids were in their classes but as soon as it was winding up he went on a running frenzy trying to look for Keelan who he calls "My mate", I started off really confused about what he was doing as I could not understand his mumble in his panic but his little legs took off and next minute he is running out the big jetty and I thought OMG this whale is going to have to sprint after this child or he is gone out the end of the jetty but thankfully he stopped and looked over the side and then turned around and run back past me and started heading in the other direction, not stopping to tell me who he was looking for, so I was fast pacing it back the other way after him, trying to stop him again till I got close enough to yell his Dad was down at the water but then he mumbled something about ""my mates gone" so then I had to tell him he was still in class, he was freaking out that Keelan had left him. Now if I was an onlooker I would have been wetting my pants watching this toddler out run his very unfit Mother going from 1 direction to another before she knew what was happening. So Forrest pretty much kept up his little running business for the rest of the day. LOL.

I did create a LO last night, yippee will share tomorrow as I have promised Rainee some more scrap time tomorrow. Housework will have to wait.
Take care

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rainee is out to get me!!!!!

This week I have had a shocker, not the best Monday with a migraine on left side of head followed by waking on Tuesday early hours with migraine on right side of head. Hay fever is absolutely shocking so I have had a head that felt like it was a leaking tap. Came good for Wednesday so I went mad trying to catch up on house work and other things.

Thursday went shopping with Rainee and Zay and needed 2 trolleys as I have been trying to empty the cupboards before I re-stocked so I needed Rainee to push 1 of the trolley's, big ask I know but I was just not up for doing 2 shops and with Rainee hassling for the toilet and Zaylan wanting everything he laid his eyes on I was definitely not going back for round 2 so Rainee pushing the other trolley was the only option. All went well until she had meltdown as I gave her the 1 that wanted to steer all over the joint, so after tears and swapping trolley and the old boot camp speech "cmon girl, get it moving, you'll be right" kind of stuff she was back to pushing it. We stopped at the butchers and then it was out the door struggling with a toddler flying out the door and across the crosswalk and me commanding at him when all of a sudden I got the biggest smash into my ankle from Rainee and as I was just walking I skun the back of my heel up the front of her trolley, I reacted quick with "ouch" out loud but in my head I let out the unrepeatable but just had to keep trying to get Zaylan under control and then turned around to see Rainee crying and struggling to push the trolley. Poor thing but I really was in pain and just wanted to get to the car and collapse in a heap. I have a big bruise on my heel and it has been sore for days but I have just had to get on with things regardless as if I don't keep up with things here then no one does.

So Today I am going about the house work and Rainee was walking around earlier with a cup of water and I told her for the millionth time to stay at the bench with the water. I folded and sorted washing then went with arms fully loaded to take them to the girls room when slip and down I came washing and all. Straight down onto tiles and pounded my knee with my full weight into the tiles and hurt my ankle also. So I just sat and cryed and cryed and had major meltdown about how many times I repeat myself and no-one listens. Of course Rainee just watched which was just as well she stayed clear of me and Trin came to my rescue as my nurse giving her Sister what for about the whole scenario.

Tim came in from shopping about 15 mins later and took 1 look at me and asked what had happened. He got me ice and a cuppa so I rested for a while but I can walk thank goodness so I retaliated to my scrap room this arvo and everyone has left me alone pretty much, knowing I am not such a happy camper.

Don't you just wonder some days why you get out of bed??????????????????????????????
Anyway I hope for a better week this week and that the curse of hurting the Mother cat of this house is lifted!!! LOL. I am off to watch Knocked up now with Tim now if it was called knocked about I could totally relate to it. We are taking the kidlets to surf lifesaving tomorrow to see if they like it and if they do they can join. But I will be keeping a safe distance from any activity Rainee is involved in for fear she has not finished punishing her Mother yet. LOL. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hope to have some layouts created tomorrow arvo, it has been a long time between layouts!!
Take care

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where does time go??

So much has been going on lately that I don't feel like my body is connected to my Head anymore. Some days I really need a part of me somewhere and the other somewhere else which is impossible but that is how it all feels.

Last week flew by with me catching up on stuff around here, nothing interesting just stuff as we all have "stuff" to do when a Mum!!

I am getting ace at cooking multiple things, you know the 2nd batch of muffins for school sports coming out the oven as tea is going in and then running off to bath the odd child in between. LOL.
Thursday I shopped and cooked for sports day and Friday morning early we headed off for school sports with 4 packed lunches and rug and pull ups and wipes in case of toilet training accident which there is every day so it is all not going to plan, anyway we get to school find a spot at the start line and get settled. Keelan came 2nd in his race but he was not A division but he ran his heart out and did well and he was so pleased to have us urge him on. Then Trin's class came out and did their events, she came 3rd but they just get a participation sticker for Pre primary but she had so much fun, running as fast as she could and not looking at anyone else. I have a great pic of her while she waited for her event, she was so excited.

I had a great morning and then had to leave at 12.20pm to come home and let my in laws in and get ready for stamp camp. I ended up getting there at about 5pm and unpacked and made my bed and then got stuck into a book I am making for my SIL for her Birthday in December. I pretty much worked on that all weekend in between classes and card making. It was a fun weekend, I had the best time and the company was fantastic, many laughs and great discussions and great to catch up with Melissa again although sitting so far apart meant we didn't get that much nattering in but we made up for it in creations that is for sure, not a lot of time for too much chatting. I came home feeling very refreshed and inspired.

We had a Kirby demo on Sunday 6pm and got the scrap room carpet cleaned, very impressed with that machine but just can't afford anything like that right now. I have a nice clean scrap room again now ready for it to be messed up with the next project. Pretty poor scrapping production happening ATM, I want to get this book finished and then I can get some layouts done.

I had Trin home yesterday as she had a bad night with sore throat but we had uniform trying on for her after school so we now have 2 uniforms for Year 1 next year. I really can't believe she is out in big school but she is looking forward to it and I think she will love learning at a different level. Rainee can't wait to be at school everyday. Zay on the other hand thinks he is lining up for it all too but he will be 1 sad child next year home alone with me full time. I have been accepted into College myself next year so I will start 3 years of study online which I am looking forward to but also scared in some ways, you kind of wonder how the brain will take having to study again. I am sure it will all be fun but I will have to have a time management plan.

The kidlets have been very messy of late with promises to clean up but they don't so I think on the weekend we will be going back to an even more basic toy choice as I don't have time to be forever cleaning up their next mess, I hope with only a few choices they will be not be able to make such a big mess in every room. I don't have any time with them these days for nagging and cleaning so I am sure it should make a difference. They have certainly paid out on me for going away these last few days so I hope tomorrow with just Zay and I home to get lots done but also to fit in some scrapping for me. Well I better get some sleep or I will be next to useless tomorrow.
Have a good hump day.

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