Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Christmas lights.

It is hard to take photos of your Christmas lights due to the flash wanting to come on and I am not familiar with the camera enough to shut the flash off, but this gives a little bit of our lights, we got the lights and put them up for the kids as a surprise while they were at school and they came home and got excited about it and then one of them said, "Where is our Santa?" We thought we had done such a good effort, nothing major but enough and then they all got on the bandwagon at how we did have to have Santa near the door so lucky for them I was going shopping the next day with a friend and in target we spotted this grand man who goes up and down the chimney and he was originally $79.95 reduced to $39.95 so who could resist that bargain and the kids just lit up when they saw him, Zay had him out the box and everywhere before Tim could look at what it was all about but once he was up and in position he certainly belongs there. I love the stars above him, they are my fav.

Well it sure is great having the kids home on holidays, we achieved lots of cleaning and sorting on Wednesday but since then it has been messy and appointments so I hope to get cleaned up more tomorrow. Keelan goes to his Dad's tomorrow till next Saturday and Trin has a Birthday party for a few hours so the little ones and I can get busy around here.

Last Saturday night my Girlfriend and I went Perth for our 25 years school reunion, we had an absolute blast, so much fun catching up with everyone again and partied till 2.30am boy my feet were sore for a few days, lots of standing and chatting in heels, makes you realise how little you do go out and get dressed to the nines. One of our ex teachers was there, he has recently retired and he said we were the tightest, closest bunch of students St Norberts have ever had come through, the teachers found it really hard if they told someone off, the rest of us would stick up for that person and get cold towards that teacher, it certainly did reflect that on the night too as the guys made sure we stayed in our group and no one got left anywhere, one guy did 3 car loads from the pub to the casino just to make sure we stayed together. They sure are the greatest of friends even after all these years.

Karina and I had a few days in Perth after that enjoyed a great break, I got all my Christmas shopping finished and lots of other extras I have needed for a long time, things you can't buy here, glad we don't live in Perth or I think Karina and I would do serious damage to our bank accounts on a weekly basis. It was a lovely break away and we thoroughly enjoyed a break from Mum duty.

With Christmas around the corner I have some more house cleaning to catch up on and some cooking to do next week and then we will be ready. It is very low key for us this year, Mum and Dad are coming to celebrate with us and Keelan is away with his Dad, so it will be nice to be home and let the kids enjoy there day here for a change, the last few years we have been away or having to travel Christmas Day so I look forward to just a casual day.
Well take care, I will share some pics Sunday of the kids that I took at the beach yesterday, it has been so long since I have taken pics of them that they have grown so much.
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Well today this house has taken on the flavour of Christmas, yes the Chrissy tree is out the shed for another year, the wreath is on the front door and after a lengthy trip to Bunnings with Zay and Hubby, the outside of the house is looking like Christmas with lights up and they have been on. The kids are so excited they found it hard to get to sleep, as it is sinking in now that Christmas is just around the corner.

I was so happy that my list was getting smaller but in a matter of days it has grown again, it seems I am not destined to be as organised as I would like to be but hey there is nothing like chasing your tail. Trin has a pirate day planned for school on Friday so I have the costume for her, picked up a bargain on Saturday morning at toyworld as they are clearing out their costumes, beauuutttty, they are off to the park and will play pirate games etc. Her dancing rehearsals are going well but she has nearly sprained her ankles lately, 1 on Friday and the other today, so I am trying with all my might to keep her contained. I now have to glitter one costume and find a hip hop costume on Wednesday when I am going with a girlfriend to our nearest regional centre to shop. Hope to find more variety. Today she was getting worked up about not wearing stockings as she is getting teased by a boy in her class about her hairy legs, plleaaazzzz she is 7, give her a break, she was getting really worked up about it so I had to get the dance tights for her concert out and let her wear them and have replaced them this arvo. All this just adds to the cost but I dont want him to pull her esteem right down, even driving there she was fussing about a hair that had stuck through the tights, far out poor chick, I just told her he is certainly not Mr Perfect so ignore his comments. We got called in to be an audience and watch their hip hop dance for the concert, it will be so awesome on stage, they did a really great job today and I am proud of Trin, she has picked up hip hop really quick.

So life is really flat out here for the next 2 weeks and more things roll home each day tying up some more time, Rainee had back to back birthday parties on Saturday and she has come home today with another, Trin has full dress and dance rehearsal on Saturday, Keelan has his Triathalon on Saturday and then he has to get ready and fly straight off to a birthday sleepover well camp out really on a farm for a survivor birthday party. Trin has photos in costume on Sunday and Keelan has to be picked up later and we have been invited to catch up for Christmas drinks. I am glad Tim has a couple of early days home during the week as this is when we need to get extra things done here. I can see that I will have to get lots of things organised earlier next year as it just gets too hard trying to fit everything in now. 4 Sleeps till Nana arrives, boy we can't wait to see her, it has been 7 weeks since we seen her and Dad arrives next week, thank goodness Mum can step in for me with the dancing or I would not be able to make the reunion. I will really enjoy her company for the next week, seems it gets longer between seeing each other all the time, Zay is just bursting to have Nana and Grandad here. I will need a load of tissues next Thursday when Keelan has his Graduation Mass, I can't believe Primary school is over for my first born. Well best be off to bed, Trin has a little prayer morning for Parents first up in the morning so I have to be organised.
Take care

Monday, November 24, 2008

Making family time count.

I seem to be failing at getting back into blogging regularly and scrapping but I am not going to stress, it will happen again when time permits. I have finished a canvas for Trin's room, only have to take a pic of it now and then Rainee wants one too and I suppose the boys will want one also, will have to try and do some layouts in between as any spare time I grabbed last week was spent on the canvas and that took a lot of time.

So the weekend was busy again although Tim had Saturday off for a change, and that was great as I thought I had the day committed to dancing rehearsals but it was drop them off and pick them up phew gave me time to come home and get things done. Saturday arvo my Girlfriend picked me up and we met 2 old school friends in town, one we had not seen since we left school, it was so much fun to go out with the girls for the arvo and be Tracey and not just Mum, the kids were a bit miffed about me leaving them for a few hours they really dont have me go missing at all these days but they were happy to see me home and were very happy that I enjoyed myself. Rainee spent most of the time relaxing in my bedroom funny chick, I think she felt close to me by being there, listening to my music and reading books.

Sunday was Surf club and we packed a picnic as it was at a different beach, we headed down there and the weather was not the best but it cleared between little light showers and seeing as the kids dont mind a few light showers while swimming we decided to stay, my girlfriend and her kids stayed with us and we had a great day, the kids wore themselves out, Keen and I got to have a walk up the beach it felt like holidays, we are so lucky to have this at our door steps, wonderful beaches that are kid friendly. Keelan had a mate stay with us so they had Zay wondering around with them he totally loved that. He loves the older boys. Trin is getting so game in the water, she got dumped by a few little waves but that didn't scare her, she is such a water baby like me and so game, my heart was in my mouth a few times watching her, I am amazed how much she is learning this year and how great she has got in the water.

Degressing a bit but Friday night they had Trystars and their first little comp of swim and run. Trin did really well, but Keelan struggled, he was really worn out from the swim in choppy weather and the distance was the longest he has swum in the ocean so far but he pulled out after first run lap as he struggled to get his breath. He has just got over this sinus infection and I think it really has knocked him more than he realises. But it is all training for his triathlon coming up and he needs to get as much in as he can. No matter what they just make me so proud for giving it a go.

Today Tim came home early so we shot off to our neighbouring town and did some shopping, I need to find something nice to wear to my upcoming school reunion but was really disappointed that I found nothing I loved, I have to try it on and see what I think as I really didnt have time to try it all in the shop, I really hope something I have will look decent. Then the shoes oh boy thats another story, no definates found there either. Mind you with the extra condition I am carrying around nothing would look decent. Lost my mojo and willpower at the moment, how cruel is that. LOL. Christmas shopping is nearly finished boy it takes it out of you being in busy shops trying to rack the brains on what to buy, thank goodness I have nearly completed it then I want to stay right away from the shops for a good while.
Well better go, take care, Trace.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Warning Shopaholic Bandit.

This little dude is a shopaholic like his Mother, he is the best companion to take shopping, loves checking out things and chooses wisely, takes his time to make sure the purchase is just what he is looking for. The fact that I may be Christmas shopping for other kids means nothing to this little guy, as long as he can walk out with a few little purchases of his choice everything is honky dorey, but he doesn't scream the shop down if I say no, he will take that on the chin and move on no probs at all, the perfect shopping companion. The last 2 days I have been getting some christmas shopping done that requires some thought, I would have to say I am nearly done, especially with the nieces and nephews, but I need to put more thought into my guys, I want to keep it simple but I have been finding so many nice little trinkets around that are hard to resist so I have a fear of overdoing it again. Time to put the thinking cap on and put exactly down on paper what I want to get now or it will get out of hand.

This afternoon Trin and Keelan had their 1st session of Trystars, they did really well lots of running and swimming. I am so proud of these 2, they will give things a go and that's all I ask, we have only 2 days a week now with nothing on after school and the rest is covered but I would rather they be busy and getting fit then sitting around at home being bored. The reason I joined them up for Trystars is because Keelan is competing in a kids Triathlon on the 6th December and this is a way for them to be coached by the right people rather than him trying to train by himself. It was wonderful to be down the beach late this arvo, I think it will do us all good to be by the ocean Friday and Sunday with Surf club. I really admire these fit athletes that give up there time for the kids. If I could only be half as fit as them!!! We purchased a bike rack for the back of the car today so we can put the bikes on and get them to training. Rainee is doing Surf club this year so I am wrapped, she has not wanted to do anything up to now and she watched the first week and then decided that she was going to join, she loves it, she is doing really well and Trin has matured so much, she listens and joins in so well this year. Its all good!!!
These pics are off my iphone, we took them to their favourite ice cream shop a couple of Sunday's ago and they had to show us how much they were enjoying their ice cream. Plus it has been a while since I got a pic of the 4 of them together.

Well that's about it, another weekend of Dancing tomorrow and Surf club Sunday, not much of a sleep in but I guess we are living life to the full. Have a great weekend, Trace.
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Surf club begins

Hi, Today we have had lovely weather which is great for a change on a weekend and tomorrow is the start of Surf club and it looks like a warm day. We have been busy planting lots of new plants in the garden front and back, where we have been busy taking out plants we no longer liked and it looks good now, just one more garden I want to add some fresh plants to and then it will be a matter of maintaining them.

Tim starts a new job on Monday so I hope all goes well for him and this may be more what he likes, seems we have had a career change with him this time each year since leaving the farm so I hope he finds this job more what he is looking for and he wont be getting sent away so that is a huge bonus.

Life is busy as usual and I still have not had a chance to scrap anything yet but hoping to soon. Once Tim is working I can get into a routine again and hopefully get time. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care, Trace.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday tomorrow Angel.

This little Belle turns 6 tomorrow and she is just an awesome kid, thoughtful, caring, loving and a pleasure to have in your company. I wish her the best for her Birthday tomorrow and know she will be glowing from start to finish, she cherishes her Birthdays like no other.

This afternoon we have iced 30 cupcakes for her class and teachers to take tomorrow as well as plenty for this household and she has planned her Birthday tea and cake with the family.

With the kids back at school today I have been working up a sweat big time, cleaning bathrooms, floors, washing galore which finally could go out on the big line and get dry today, yippee, and then folding and putting it all away as well as making Pumpkin soup, cleaning out the fridge, curry for tea and about 70 cupcakes, not a bad effort if I say so myself. It was lovely to have our routine back after a very enjoyable break with school holidays, I was busy all day so I had time with the kids to hear about their day after school. I must say with sibling rivalry being in full force at times this past week the stillness in the house was very welcomed. I plan to get on top of things around here this week and then spend some time scrapping once everything is caught up in my nice clean office which is staying pretty decent so far. Well must go and get some kids to bed.
Take care, Trace.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back on air

I have decided to give blogging another go seeing as Tim is back home and I may have some time to get back into scrapping. I think when I stopped blogging I stopped creating so I will see if this gets some creativity going again.

All sport for Keelan except Tae kwon do is over for winter so I hope to start booking in some time to create. I have so many supplies that I really can't give up scrapping.

Had last week in Perth and had a great time, got the kids Summer wardrobe sorted now, Rainee is at a Birthday party now and she wore her new pretty dress, she looked like a little doll, it was lovely to shop in different places and get more variety than what is available here, Trin is hard as she is in the next size range now but she is still only 7, having tall kids has a down side, I dont want her looking too old as she is already mistaken for older. They are such girlie girls though, while I picked the pretty clothes they were getting their necklaces and bracelets picked out, costume jewellery is so pretty these days. Picked up heaps of bargains so wrapped how far the dollar was able to go for each of us and all up had a great time. Went to the show on Wednesday with our cartons of milk and the kids had so much fun, Trin is our daredevil, she loves the rides and Rainee has now joined her as a daredevil, Zay on the other hand just had us in fits of laughter as when the car started he wanted off and sulked the whole ride when he realised he was on till the end, same as the big slide, he had to go on it and once he hit the bottom he was not going again, thankfully the lady gave us back our ticket. Keelan went on 1 and needed a bucket, not Trin and Rainee though. LOL. I guess the girls are like Tim and the boys like Me, I was never good at tummy turning rides.

I am busy washing new stuff and turfing out old, big bag ready for good will from the boys while I have had the house to myself for 2 half hours this morning, Tim took Rainee to party and others to skate park, we have turned into a full on skate and skooter house here, I think I need the crash helmet more than them zooming past me ducking and weaving. Well better go and get some more sorting done. Enjoy your Sunday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long time no post

this has been a long time and so much has been happening around here, now to remember will be the problem, most of us have turned another year older, Trin has been in and out of plaster and Zay has ear problems which is making his speech delayed, he is going to speech as is Trin who has other problems but we are getting there, I have so much running around to do for these appointments so it has meant I am even busier and no time at all for the things I like to do. Being a Mum just has far too much demand sometimes but I guess you just do what you have to do. Tuesday I had been back and forth to the school 4 times and ended up staying for soccer training so I didn't have to go back for the 5th time.

Betwen all that I am trying to spring clean, out with more clothes and lucky for me when Rainee has a growth spurt I can attack Trin's wardrobe and replenish Rainee with her clothes. I have had a change around with the kids TV room and bought some new furniture and got rid of the bits and pieces we had there, so that room looks a lot better now and thankfully the toys are getting less, woo hoo for that, less is best.

Tim is home for good and looks like he has a new job to start on Monday, he has been home for 2 weeks now and getting a few unfinished things done, including new limestone garden beds, just need mulch now and a few more new plants. Zay did not handle his Dad going away for work too much, well none of us did really but the last time he went away, he really broke his heart and we decided it was not worth putting him through it anymore. We are more settled now with having him home and I feel for the first time since we moved here that life is going to be great for us all, a new start and hopefully this new job will work out, more Tim's style of work with him working in the great outdoors, he will get super fit apparently so I better get my act together too and loose all this excess I have gained lately.

I hope with Tim home at nights now to get back into scrapping, I don't know why my mojo left home when he did but I have not had it for 6 months now. I was just too tired to even consider scrapping by the time I dealt with everything here.

Keelan has a huge weekend coming up, well we all have really Mum and Dad are arriving tomorrow to be a part of it, he has soccer grand final on Saturday morning bright and early
they had an absolute heart stopper of a game last week, went into extra time and thankfully they took it out. pheww, don't know what this week will bring as the kids are playing the top team but if they stay on the ball they have a good chance. Lots of prayers will be said. LOL. After the game they have their wind up for lunch and then we have to go for presentations at 3pm back to the soccer field. Sunday morning bright and early is his Confirmation, what a truly wonderful experience this has been so far, the build up and meetings and preparation has been full on but just wonderful to relive how important this time is for a Catholic. It will be a beautiful spiritual experience for us all on Sunday to see them all present to the Bishop with their sponsors, Keelan has chosen my Dad for his sponsor and is taking Saint Laurence for his name. We had the Family reconciliation last night at the church and that was lovely to see all the candidates and their families.

Keelan has grown so much lately in his faith and as a young Man, I am so proud of him and what he is achieving this year, year 7 is definitely a character defining year for children. Well I best leave it at that for now, I will try and keep this updated and will have photos for his confirmation to share next week.
Take care

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mother's intuition.

Hi, this will be a big post while I update on life around here.

The kids and I went to see Kung Fu Panda on the Friday that school holidays started for our School which meant the cinemas were pretty quiet which was nice, they really enjoyed it and Keelan had a mate join us and then he came home with us for the afternoon.

Saturday was not as hectic as usual due to soccer breaking for the holidays so we enjoyed a less stressful Saturday for a change. Sunday we kicked back at home getting DVD's due to the rainy weather and just enjoyed each others company, my back went out Saturday morning so I was limited to what I could achieve for a few days till that came good so I had an excuse to read books and watch some chick flicks with the company of a heat pack and the kids watched their movie choices, it was so nice to just be home with no timetable.

Monday we cleaned ready for Mum to arrive on the bus Tuesday, and once she was here the kids pestered her for some fun seeing as I had been unable to do anything with them with my back, Keelan had her playing tennis, once she copped the ball in the face and got a blood nose from her glasses but she still played with him. Wednesday we went shopping and on the way back to car Zaylan nearly got hit by a Prado, I could see the whole incident unfolding but could do nothing, my bloody back was driving me insane and I could not have run without collapsing, he was so lucky the Lady saw what he was going to do and stopped, Keelan was part to blame as Zay never runs in the carparks when it is just him and I, they got a scolding from me back at the car. It was too much of a close call for me.

Thursday we spent cooking Chocolate cakes and Tuna Lasagne, I was going on a stamp camp for the weekend and I had to take them with me, Mum was a great help, I think it would have taken me all day by myself, I had 2 big slab chocolate cakes and 3 trays for lasagne. Then I packed my bags and was so pleased I packed light as I knew my back was just coming good and I had to go easy.

Friday I left about 10.30am and Mum was looking after the kids until Dad arrived later that arvo to help her. I had a good weekend but had the strangest feeling all weekend like I just wanted to go home, I just missed the kids so much and pretty much spent the whole time questioning myself on why I was away and came to the conclusion that unless Tim was home I would not go on any more camps, nothing to do with Mum and Dad's care of the kids, just the way life feels with Tim being away from home, Keelan for the first time ever said he didn't want me to go away and would miss me, so I found it hard to really just let home be out of my mind and also had a lurking feeling something was up. Sunday I had lunch and then packed up and felt really eager to come home, on the way home I started asking myself what was making me feel like this and then I just got the strongest feeling I was coming home to bad news.

I got home at 4pm and Keelan and Mum met me at the door and asked how my weekend was to which I told Mum I didn't enjoy it and felt I needed to be home, her and Keelan looked at each other and said "Really"? They then told me Mum took a fall playing Tennis and Dad didn't know but she was bruised and a bit sore in a few places, again I got annoyed at Keelan for being relentless in pursuing Mum to play tennis with him all the time. Then we unpacked the car and so far all the kids had presented except Trinity, I got the last thing in and just got in the door when I spotted Trin standing with her leg bandaged up and on crutches. So after Mum's fall on Friday and before Dad got here the kids were all on the tramp and Trin fell over and as she went to get up Keelan did a big bounce that sent her flying onto the side of her ankle and she has moved the plate that sits between the leg bone and the foot, she apparently screamed the district down and Mum treated her for that night but she took her to the hospital Saturday when it was looking like a break in the bone, the X rays showed the displacement, she is in a backslab plaster and Friday she sees the Dr and has another Xray and then may need plaster for 5 weeks, so now I know why I had that feeling. She is managing pretty well and Rainee is being a great Sister and Nurse for her and helper to me. Mum and Dad left Monday after lunch and Keelan left Monday morning to go to his Mates place for 2 nights which will be great for him as his mates Dad is his soccer coach and a School teacher at the High School so he will spend time occupying the boys. He is due home tomorrow which is Trin's 7th Birthday.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Trin, you brave little girl, we love you heaps and hope you have the best day, she asked how many Birthday presents she could have and I said 3 so she said she would like a CD player, makeup and go out to tea to her favourite place with her Daddy, how sweet is that to place him as an important present but also how much does that say about how much she misses her Daddy. I bet his strong arms and love would have been on her much wanted list when she got hurt. I have come to realise with Tim gone for work how much the kids and I rely on each other to be a stable in each others life, hard to explain but it just doesn't feel right anymore having a break away from them. Now I have had that big catchup, I need to take some photos for this blog, I have not taken any for so long so that is my next mission. Tim home on Thursday and we can't wait.
Take care

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty full on day and great in so many ways but it finished off with Zaylan doing this to himself which really was the most scary injury I have been presented with so far. Let me digress:

Started off with us all getting out the door for the day without too much hassle, dropped the kids to school then Zay to daycare which he was not pleased about at all, tears and holding my neck so tight that I was being strangled but Mon came to the rescue and got him to cuddle and dribble on her while I left and waved goodbye heading out the road. I had an early waxing appointment so off to that I went, feeling like a Lady again I left there and had a bit of a shop at Target then flew home, put some washing on did a quick whip around the house of sorts, prettied myself up again and went and met my Bestie for some lunch oh after I stopped by and bought some fav CD's to listen to. Foo Fighters and Gabriella Cilmi now in my collection woo hoo.

After lunch we grabbed some groceries for tea, flew home again and unloaded them and then back to Besties house for a wash, cut and blow dry, too good. Then it was time to pick the kiddos up so off to get them and then I had a parent/teacher interview with Rainee's teacher, seems all is well with her and Pre primary. Off then to Harvey Norman for Keelan to buy a Memory stick for school work and then pick up one happy little boy who ended up having a great day of play.

Home and start tea and get fire going along with lots of other bits on the go although I decided I really needed a chicken and tomato risotto for tea so that is a little on the need attention side which meant I could not be buzzing around getting kiddos in for bath etc as they were all playing out the backyard and it was starting to get cold and dark. Next minute crying and Keelan comes in with Zaylan and I turned around to see an egg on his eyebrow the size of a big marble and bleeding coming from his cut on the eyelid. Off went tea, out with the freezer pack and an assessment of whether the hospital was needed for the cut, the lump just threw me, it was huge and the worst fright any of the kids have every given me. So we did ice and it appeared to go down and Keelan was nurse while I got the girls into a cold shower, grrrr as I didn't put the solar heater booster on and the fire was still struggling to get going, when it gets hectic, it sure lets rip. Anyway it all calmed after a while and I was sure glad to tuck them into bed last night before anything else could happen. Zay is stopping people in their tracks today as his eye is far worse than the photos seem to show and he is bumping into things as the bung one is half shut. I can only imagine in the next few days as the bruising comes out what pretty colours it will turn. OMG he has certainly turned into a boy lately, and how did it happen you ask well you pull apart your plastic play house and try to kill the clothesline with the pole only to have the pole come right back at ya and belt you in the eye. Has he learnt his lesson, no way he is back out there today with the sticks he can find belting whatever gets in his way. Ohhhh no wonder I am going grey. LOL.

This morning we have been to Keelan's class prayer morning which was just wonderful, Father Wally was also there and had some lovely words to say to the children. Then Zay and I shopped and stopped, stopped to explain the eye to everyone who grimaced in pain when they looked at him, never had so many people stopping me to chat before. LOL. Home now and cleaning up the feral urban tip we abode in and tomorrow after Dancing and Soccer I am heading to the big smoke to catch up with Mumma and Pappa for a night with the kiddos, roast lamb with them tomorrow night and breaky by the beach on Sunday, woo hoo can't wait. I am also feeling really liberated ATM with managing the home front by myself, all my doubt has subsided and it is replaced with a high of YES I AM DOING IT, we are going great guns on the home front. Have a great weekend.
Take care, Trace.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not hectic, it's insane!!

Life is just too full on for my liking ATM, I don't have time to stop and smell the roses or any such nicety that may take my fancy. Today I needed to be in 3 places at 11am, 1 was doing a favour for a friend and picking up her Daughter from Netball, the other was picking up Trin from Dancing and Rainee had a Birthday party to be delivered to and Keelan who also needed to be 30 mins away in another town at 11am thankfully got a lift with the friends Daughter I picked up, phew if you imagine a ping pong ball going back and forth that was pretty much me with other kids in tow the whole time. First delivery started at 9.40am and the car finally rested for the day at home at 3.30pm. In between going in and out I did 4 loads of washing, fed kids, created cards with kids, played musical chairs, musical bobs and statues while the girls had their friend over.

Last night my girlfriend and 2 of her kids came for drinks, nibblies and tea and lucky I didn't have a big night as I would not have got through today at all.

I am finding that I am in a whirlpool of emotion over Tim working away. Some days I love it, other days I hate it with a passion and I can't help think how much our life has changed since leaving the farm and it is not for the better. Tim has had to increase work hours with every job he has had since moving here, so not what we thought we would be faced with when we made the change and to say our family life has suffered for it is definitely the understatement of the century, Zay is really going through a testing stage and the other kids are over him ATM, they are so short with him and have no patience which is really testing my patience. I really do realise when you are raising children that Family support is just the biggest blessing you could have or in the absence of that most definitely the Parents have to be able to work together as a team to make the family life flow, both of these I lack big time.

Keelan's team won 11-0 today, they played a new team for this year so the coach used it as an opportunity to put them in all different positions to see how they played. Geoff met Keelan at the game and did our turn of line duty so that was great. Well I am going to put this miserable tired old self to bed and hopefully I will be ready for another huge day tomorrow, I have a 2 hour round trip with the kids to pick Keelan up in the arvo and Rome and a mountain of ironing to do before that. Life is never dull but no wonder I never have any creations to display.
Take care, Trace.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poor neglected blog.

Well it's been a while and I guess that indicates life has been full on in this household. Tim has gone back yesterday for his next 2 weeks stint but after he rang last night it seems this WA gas problem may also impact them as most South West plants are shutting down and they have a lot of staff they are wanting to send up to Tim's workplace as they are at this stage still able to operate however they may all be getting big cut backs in work due to having to give them all something.

I tell you just when you think things are going to be looking good on the budget for a while it turns to mud!!!

The kiddos and I seem to be finding our way with life without Dad in the house, Zay probably is the worst affected as he can't really understand why he had Dad home for 6 days and now he has gone again. We had a big conversation about why he has to go away or even go to work yesterday but he really can't get it, he said he has plenty of money (coins) so Dad doesn't have to work, how precious are they, if only life could be that plain and simple.

I have been super busy having a big throw out and clean up again, I have got the house to a point now where I can keep up with everything without looking like a chook with it's head cut off, the first week Tim was away the impact was quite major as I suddenly became "IT" for the kiddos, I copped a lot of attitude and meltdowns and mess but by the end of the second week I had started to plow through it all and start to see the sunshine, then Tim came home and everything seemed to stop and I found it hard having him around the house all the time as well as having him go through the re adjustment to noise and kids demands, camp life is pretty good for the workers, they get off the bus, have tea, pack their lunch for the next day, catch up with mates, go to the gym and kick back in their room and watch TV or DVD's if they want to be alone, certainly a lot different than the demands of the Family so he took a few days to adjust. I just hope this all gets easier as time goes on and that's if he still has a job when they work out what is happening up there. sigh.

This seems a bit gloomy but it really is where we are at "ADJUSTMENT" really is our word ATM. LOL.

I haven't been creative on the scrapping side however I have been crocheting every night, the kiddos have orders for their own lap rugs so I am still getting Keelan's done and Zay is dragging his wool out asking me to start on his. LOL. The Girls got their hair chopped off yesterday and they are now sporting short bobs, they look so cute and they can now manage their own hair YIPPEE, this morning they brushed it and put their headbands on without my help, no more fighting and crying over knots, just one of the reasons we went for the chop and although I loved their long hair, I am embracing the change. I will get pics of them and post them.

Keelan is still going well with soccer, they won against one of the best teams on Saturday, boy what a nail biting game, I was very vocal but I blended with the other parents, (I hope), such an exciting game and so great to see this team growing stronger every week. Geoff will be at this weeks game for him as it is out of town and then they are having the weekend together. We went out to tea Saturday night with friends and the kiddos had a great time except for Rainee slamming her finger in the door when we got there, she has had such a bruised and black finger and nail, plus she broke the skin and was bleeding, poor little chick was in pain for the first half of our night, then we all came home and gave her panadol and had hot chocolates and marshmallows.

Well that is about it for now, need to blog more often again so I can keep up with everything happening or the post ends up being really random. Take care, Trace.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well Done Kiddos

It's been another busy week or should I say a much busier week considering I am doing it all on my own these days. We are adjusting to life without Tim which seems some days are better than others.

Friday at assembly Keelan received a Certificate of Achievement which was great as it seems he has started to settle into Year 7 more now and is showing a desire to improve his work in all areas. Well done Keelan, Yippee. Rainee also received one for her care and concern for classmates. Well done Rainee, I am very proud of you both.

Keelan also got his picture taken with the Principal and 3 other students explaining how we are having an important week coming up with church hosting the World Youth Day Cross and Icon of Mary which featured in our Local newspaper this week.

Yesterday at Soccer Keelan played a great game until he was winded in the second half playing Goalie position, poor Keelan it really dampened a great game he was doing really well spurred on by the fact his Dad had come to watch him, I had just gone to drop Trin off at dancing when that incident happened but he went back on field again once he felt better. They won again, Woohoo, they have won 3 out of their 4 games now so they are going really well. Then to top off his week he won best player of the day and got a certificate, so that topped a pretty fab week for him.

Last night we went to my Girlfriends for tea and her Sister who I have not seen in years was staying with her, it was so great to reminisce about our past social life and how much fun we used to have, we had a yummo tea which was Seafood Marinara and then we came home the kids got changed and I made them milos and then into bed. They were asleep before their head hit the pillow.

This morning we went to Church and that was a handful, we managed to get ready and to church in time but after the first 10 mins Zay was very bored and annoying and I pretty much spent most of the time fighting a loosing battle against trying to keep him settled, he annoyed Keelan pretty much the whole time and I felt sorry for the people around us at times he was such a fidget. Trinity flat out told me it was boring and if your kiddos could show you up for a bad parent they pretty much did their optimum. hmm don't know if I can go through that experience again, not enjoyable for anyone concerned. Today has pretty much been a blah day for me since Church, Trin, Rainee and Zaylan have just been plain darn horrid and of course I have had lots to do so that has made it even more unpleasant but I hope when we arise tomorrow morning it will be a better day, I am sure over today. Keelan is playing with a mate so he has thankfully got out for a break from this, he gets just as fed up of it as I do at times. They are off to bed early tonight that is for sure.
Take care

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More layouts from stamp camp.

Firstly I will share these layouts before I update on life around here, these are a double layout, tells a story about our Summer Sunday's this year.
This layout below is my favourite ATM, we did got the owl as a class and we made them up with our kit and they were all so different in the end. He just seemed to need to be with these 2 cuties.
You have to wonder about the course of your life sometimes, it seemed like everything was finally starting to get a little easier and I was finally starting to branch out and join some like minded Women in my favourite hobby of all and then the spanner just comes flying out of nowhere and now I have to let the me time go again and become house bound again. Tim came home on Monday night with the news that he is getting posted away to work and will be on 2 week away and 1 week home roster. We both had to do a lot of thinking as to whether it was going to work with the kiddos etc. We have decided we need to suck it and see basically, we can always pull out if it is not going to work out but we won't know unless we try. It will certainly have it's advantages and disadvantages but for now we will just go with it.

Mother's Day was certainly different this year, it started out with the kiddos giving me their handmade creations which were very cute and they were so proud of their creations as I was too, Trin remembered to give me her card yesterday, LOL, so it was all a bit hit and miss, we had breakfast and then got ready for Church, Keelan was doing a reading and it was a wonderful service with many families packing the church for Pentecost Sunday, Father Wally certainly put the Dads and kids on notice as to how to pull their fingers out for Mum, (all of which fell on deaf ears with this clan), we no sooner left Church and the bickering started and I started to think the kiddos were on a mission to destroy Mother's Day, we then had to head to MIL's for Lunch and then my Sermon started after a few kilometres down the road of the still niggling and bickering. I certainly couldn't wait to get to MIL's and have a red wine, I think the first glass didn't touch the sides at this point, anyway we had a nice meal and got to relax and enjoy the afternoon. We had fish and chips for tea and a dessert I had made Saturday and then it was into ironing and folding washing. I really can't escape it for 1 day. LOL.

Keelan is going extremely well with his Soccer, the team has won their last 2 games and he plays really well for his first year in Comp. It was pouring rain, thunder and lightening the whole game but they came through 6-3. In between watching I was running Trin to dancing and buying a couple of umbrellas so we could stand in the pouring rain to watch them. Rainee had a sore throat, sneezes and sniffles this morning so I kept her home, she really probably could have gone to school but at least she has had fun playing with Zay today. That's about it for now. Take care, Trace.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum.

Happy Birthday Mum, hope you have a great Day. Sorry we can't be there to celebrate it with you.

Seeing as it is Mum's Birthday and Mother's Day in a few Days I would just like to have a bit of a heartfelt chat about Mum. This Special Lady has been the backbone of my life, my ALL is owed to her, never a day goes by without her being in my thoughts and heart no matter how far apart we have lived at times, she has always had an ultimate goal in her life since having Children and that was to love them all equally and give them the best life she could possibly provide for us no matter how much that meant she went without, she is the most generous, heartfelt loving person you would ever hope to meet and welcomes anyone who ever comes to her doorstep and they sure leave her presence all the better for it. I think God had a special role for Mum and that was to be a Nurse, which she has excelled at being wherever she has worked, a nurturer and healer by nature she certainly applies that in her daily life.

To me personally she has been the Sister I never had and my best friend forever, we just have such a close bond that has been with us forever and she has always allowed me to make my mistakes and stood by me, she is the best cook, Nana and Mum I could have ever wished for, I am eternally grateful to God for allowing me to be her Daughter. Mum has devoted herself to her Children since they were born, always supporting the schools we attended, jumping on committees when they needed someone, fundraising for schools, covering books, cooking and making crafts for the school fetes, helping her sick Parents, working Part time and yet she seemed to be there whenever we needed her, I don't know how she did it but she did and to me she excelled at being our Mum and being Dad's wife for 42 years. Living so far away really gets to me at times, I would dearly love to see her daily but she is now having time to enjoy her Card making and patchwork and she has well and truly waited a long time for life to be about her and it means we have a great time together when we do get together.

I hope she feels special today as she sure deserves to it. Love you with all my Heart and Soul Mum.
Take care
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Weekend retreat layouts.

Finally getting a chance to put some of my retreat creations up here, the top one I went to camp with this idea in my head and was really happy with how it turned out, great fun putting the house together which I might add I have had since the retreat in October last year I went to, so happy to finally get to use it.
this is a layout that will always remind me in years to come what my kiddos loved to do when it rains, a memory I dont want to forget.
You will remember these pics of the frog, Rainee's little prince charming, LOL. Love it.
This layout has a butterfly which was one of our projects, we had 2 and some made mobiles and hangings but I wanted to add it to this layout, love the colours in this layout and doing all the flowers was fun too.
I have more but will add them next post. This week has been flying by fast, Monday caught up on things, Tuesday morning went to craft for 2 hours, Zay loves the Nana's that look after him, they are just "pure sweetness" and love the interaction with the kids so much, he gets extremely spoilt and I get some scrapping done although I am still working on Mother's Day projects, Today I have been cleaning up and tryed to clean my scrap room but I truly give up, I have way too much stuff and lack of space so I need to get on a mission to be using it up before I even look at anything else. (yeh right). Had Teacher, Parent interview for Keelan after school, Trin's is tomorrow and came home and cooked Cheese and Corn Muffins to go with our Lamb and Barley Soup that I have cooked today for tea and then a friend picked me up for a card making class tonight that I am going to go to every fortnight, great group of friendly Ladies and now I can build up my stash of cards.

Things are changing around here, you know how you feel those shifts take place every so often like when the last one toilet trains and you are not having to change nappies and they get more independent and need a little less of your time, all the kiddos seem to be at a point where I can do more things I enjoy and they are capable of helping Tim when I am not here, I am sad their small years seem to have passed so quick but at the same time I am embracing the feeling of the weight on my back being halved and the chance for me to get out and interact with Adults again, it is a wonderful feeling to sometimes step out of the Family dynamics and just be You for a little while, makes me a better Mum also on the flip side.
So that's it for now, hope you are having a productive week.
Take care
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Monday, May 05, 2008

Top Time!!

Back from Stamp Camp and had the best time ever, created the most layouts at Camp I have ever created, 7 layouts I was on a role and they just kept flowing, they were so fun to do, I painted, glued, stamped and played with many different techniques. So much fun, lots of cuttlebug fun. I will share layouts later when I get pics of them. We did a Kaiser wooden book on Friday night which I still have to finish, I need to decide which way I will go with it, then we had 5 cards which were classes plus a couple of collections projects, owl and 2 butterflies. Then I did another 2 cards yesterday before it was time to leave.

The food was just so yummy, scrummy out of this world, great to meet new faces and catch up with others we have not seen since November and spend the weekend with Mum, so I am feeling over the moon from the whole experience.

Nothing like camp to bring back the mojo, what is great about this camp is getting to experience so many different ladies talents, card makers, mixed media artists, scrappers, everybody comes together with their showcase of talent.

On the home front, Daddy weekend went well, they had a great time, Keelan's team won their first soccer match 7-1, he apparently helped set up 2 of the goals and played fantastic for his first game. He then spent the weekend with his Dad so that left Tim with 3 kiddos, Trin had dancing as usual Saturday and they visited a couple of friends and played at the park and had many bike rides with Dad, Tim now appreciates why the pantry door has a squeek due to being opened on such a regular basis to feed these hungry little bellies, he was running out of options by late yesterday. LOL. I came home to tea cooking, a clean house and all my usual Sunday chores had been done, how wonderful was that!! Well I better go and get some more done, take care,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Phew, all peace and quiet restored.

Hi, some random pics of our last few days, whilst cleaning up a heap of compost on Thursday Tim found heaps of frogs and the kiddos were happy to model a few of them, eeewwww. My garden is still producing some lovely roses which I love.
These are the kiddos in the bubble at the park we went to on Friday arvo, they had so much fun we basically came home fed and showered them and put them to bed, all houses should be built with a park. LOL. Zay was just completely zonked, we battled to get tea into him. It shows how much we need parks, the cars in Donnybrook were from far and wide, word has spread about this mega playground and apart from big lack of Toilets they have a great park that is such an enjoyable free thing to take the kiddos to. So the story goes a Gentlemen that passed away donated his money to build this park, what a huge act of kindness to give to the children of your community. It is apparently always busy so lucky it is mega size. We saw Uncle Dick marching in the Anzac Parade on TV, he was proudly marching in Perth parade which he has done for many years, this year he caught the train into Perth which was great for him, so great to see Perth have such great crowds at the ANZAC services. Keelan had a great time talking to Uncle Dick and admiring his medals while we were in Perth, if we lived closer we would have been in the crowd for him as he is thinking this may be his last march at 82 years old. Pretty commendable effort.
This is what happens when you tell Dad your tooth is wobbly and nearly out although the need for tissues may indicate otherwise. Trin has lost her first top tooth and Rainee her second bottom tooth. They look funny without them and the fairy had to do a double pickup that night. LOL.

This is a closer look at Trin's frog who is now set free out in the garden somewhere.
It is nice to have some quiet restored to the house and now I have to loose the few kilos I found over the holidays so getting stuck into more house cleaning etc will be my priority this week, although I did the basics last week I still have plenty I left so I had time for other things. Yesterday was pure hell at times here with the rain and bored kiddos, it seems they will take a little time to adjust to winter weather this year as they so love being outside.
The girls and I cooked Banana cake, muffins, coconut delight and golden syrup pudding yesterday afternoon so they have some goodies for lunches and after school, they are getting to be great help with the baking side of cooking now which is great.

I am really looking forward to going to Camp this weekend, Tim is off Friday and Saturday to have the kiddos and I have a feeling the wheels on the car are going to be speeding out this drive not a minute after my departure time. I am soooooo looking forward to ME time phew it has been a while I think November last year was the last time I went and got inspired and created non stop. I have been working on a Mother's Day gift for my MIL and that is a process that is still ongoing as I am painting and crackling etc. I have gone from liking it to hating it to liking it again so the finished product will be interesting. Tim is great to use for my critic as he picks the exact same faults up with things as his Mum so I can pretty much fix what he finds fault in. Then I have to start on Mum's this week to give to her on the weekend. She is spending Mother's Day at the V8 Supercars so we are going to MIL's for lunch. WTG Mum look after Craig Lowndes for me. Heheheheehe.
Take care and have a great week. Trace.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The beauty of Autumn.

These were taken on Tuesday, the amazing sky was so beautiful with it's heavy rain clouds brewing and yet the sun still trying to come out and shine. The boys just had to get on their wet weather gear and get out in the rain and puddles, Zay was like a Weetbix kid, jumping and yelling in the puddles, how much fun does he make getting down and dirty look. LOL.

One of the joys of childhood.
God's beauty shining down on us, how can you just not take the time to enjoy our beautiful land and world.

Tim is on holidays with us and although we seem to be busy in different parts of the house and shed it is still nice to have company for lunch and tea breaks. The kiddos are like his second skin so I have had many hours to think and procrastinate, as that is all my scrapping amounts to ATM, I am need my MOJO home right now and that inspiration I once had to return. SIGH.

Keelan is having a sleep over tonight at a mates and I had arvo tea with a friend this afternoon, she made yummy scones and we had the works with them, such a great way to spend the arvo. Keelan and I shopped this morning and then I came home and made Pea and Ham soup so the smell has teased everyones noses all day, it was yummo tonight with Ham and Cheese Fococcia rolls to accompany it. My kind of Wonderful that's for sure.
These holidays are flying by which is not good but I have lots in the next few weeks to look forward to.
Tomorrow is still hanging in the air, Tim has offered me a day to myself or go with him and kiddos to a great new big playground in the South West and onto his Folks for arvo tea, the jury is still out on that one. LOL. Yesterday we all had flu shots, Zay had fever and aches last night from 12am to 2am so I spent time up with him getting his fever down and getting him settled again, ready for bed now and its only 8.30pm, must be cuppa time!!
Take care, Trace.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home, happy, healthy, revived.

We are home from a great week in Perth, well apart from a few things that tried to spoil our week we still had a great time, it was so nice to spend time with Mum and Dad and catch up with Family. Monday we had a great trip there, the kiddos were so well behaved so it made the trip a dream. When we arrived Mum had a house full of kids already, my younger Brother's 3 kids and my other Brothers eldest so the kids got to see their cousin's straight off plus one of Mum's friends called in. We had a BBQ tea that night and my Brother, (Brad) and his family came over and they left Mikayla for a few days so we had 5 kiddos in a 3 by 1, beds and bodies everywhere. LOL. We went out for the day Tuesday with the kiddos, Dad had the day off so we went to the Beach first then walked from one end to the other of the park while they played on everything, we had fish and chips for lunch and stayed there most of the day, it was hazy from smoke but pleasant all the same. We took them home completely worn out as they walked and played the whole day.
Here is Rainee, Trin and Dad checking out the tug boats bringing in a tanker.
Wednesday the boys went with Dad to the workshop and Mum and I took the girls to pick up parts for Dad and to visit a certain scrapbook shop that I have been busting to get to for a long time but in the end we did a scrapbook shop crawl, we went to 3 shops and each was so different and unique. That was great but the girls nearly made me broke in the first shop, they each had $10 to spend and got their own basket and off they went, I also had my own basket and forgot to check out theirs before I put it on the counter and they did way more damage then $10 but they were so in love with their choices, so they got spoilt. I was amazed at how particular Trin's choice of stuff was, she put heaps of thought into what she wanted to do with everything she bought. Rainee did too although she will tend to waste a bit more than necessary. It was a top Girly day and so good to have that time with Mum.

Thursday we went to my SIL, Kim's and had a mega feast and I helped Kim create a card and layout and showed her how to use some of her fiskars stuff, the kiddos got to play and create also.

Friday was pretty quiet, I had to catch up on washing and Mum and Dad had to go out for a luncheon so the kiddos and I hung home for the day.

Saturday we got ready and went shopping for the morning and that was awesome, what a great shopping complex they have in Success(hope it is spelt that way) then we went to the 2pm circus session, it was fantastic, the kids sat mesmerized the whole time especially Zay. It was freezing that day and we didn't have great big thick jackets like we needed but we headed to Freo after and checked out the boat show and the luxury boats, wow they were amazing. Had tea at Cicerello's and stopped and listened to the drags on the way home, the size of the kiddos eyes was priceless, we would have frozen ourselves stiff had we of gone. Once home the kiddos were showered and they were off to bed exhausted.

Sunday was wind down day really, catching up on washing and Brad, Kim and kids called in to say goodbye, Keelan went to the movies with his Dad in the morning and then they took Uncle Dick and went by train to the footy. Even though Keelan is a Docker supporter they still wanted to catch a game of footy and Uncle Dick is a mega West Coast supporter. Then home late yesterday and unpacked and shopped.
This is the weather today, I have taken a heap more shots but will share tomorrow as this is already mega.
Tim is having a few days off from tomorrow so we have lots planned for the rest of the week. It was such a good break being away, we certainly all needed it and the kiddos were so happy to see Dad last night, we had all missed him not being with us.
Take care, Trace.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here is a layout I did of Keelan a while ago now but it took me forever just to add the finishing touches, finally it is done. It was great to revive the square punch and give it some use, have some more ideas for it also, just need to time to get it created.

Here is my handsome red belt before training the other night, he was reluctant to have pics taken as he didn't want to be late so the faces aren't the best he was pulling, these being the better of them all plus it was just going dark.
This little guy wants to fill Dad's shirts out really fast, he wants to drive a big Bulldozer like Daddy. What a classic, he nearly disappeared when he put it on. LOL.

So the holidays have started for us as of yesterday and the kiddos are doing the usual get up early when there is no school grrrrrrrrr. Keelan went to the movies with some mates yesterday and that was a dilemma and a half just to get that sorted out between 4 pre teens trying to organise the movies, the phone was ringing constantly with them toing and froing between each other about details, then Keelan had a call from another mate asking him to go to his place for a play and then when he told me I suggested he ring and invite this boy to go also so that meant more phone calls and then we get another call to say one of the boys doesn't really like the boy Keelan asked to go and that he was going to call that Boy and tell him it was postponed to another time so he didn't turn up while they were there, this made Keelan get angry so I told him to ring his mate and tell him if the other kid called to ignore him and come at the right time and Keelan would sit with him elsewhere. So in the end they all went and Keelan said they all had a great time and the boy he invited had them all in fits of laughter as he has the funniest of laughs. These boys will be in the same soccer team so they really have to get over this kind of angst. Keelan and his other 2 mates were cool with this boy coming, it was just 1 who was being cruel about it and he did ring this kid but he didn't have the guts in the end to tell him otherwise when it came to the crunch so the laugh ended up being on him, I was just proud of Keelan and the other boys for putting their mates feelings first and not just swaying with this other kids opinion. Anyway they had a blast and it was all good, oh boy I really didn't think boys would go through this stuff and it is all just beginning, wish I was 10 years younger in all this, I will still be sorting out teenagers when I am an old lady. LOL. Hope you kept up with all that but it truly was that chaotic and in the midst of the phone and problems I was flat out washing and cleaning, it was doing my head in. LOL

Trying desperately to get rid of this cold as Perth family have told me to stay away if I am still sick but Trin is starting to get it now. We have been shopping this morning while Trin was at dancing getting Tim all sorted with food for the week. The weather by day has been absolutely glorious, I so heart Autumn, it is definitely my season and sleeping at night with a doona as it is cooler is just bliss, just hate getting up in the mornings, I don't know why it has become so hard to get out of bed. LOL.
Well have a great weekend and if I dont get back before I go away next week have a great first week of holidays.
Take care
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heidi grace rocks.

I have been working on these layouts on Tuesday mornings at Craft group, I have been the last 2 weeks and it is amazing what I have been getting done, these pics are from Easter 2 years ago, can't believe the size of the kiddos then, boy they grow like mushrooms, I took heaps of photos for that easter egg hunt and I dont want to just scrap the best so I have basically scrapped them all, for me the pics show the kiddos how much they have grown and how much fun they had, they really do tell the story themselves, I am using Heidi Grace Urban acres range for it, as it is fun and whimsy like Easter time is to Kiddos. I did my Demo in Feb at Spotlight and basically spent all my pay back on buying the range that was there. Have you tried Heidi Grace rub ons?? They are fantastic and I was amazed that they rub onto layers like above with no trouble at all, I am hooked.

click on pics to enlarge them.

I still have several more pages to complete this story so will be doing some more over the next few days to get completed, the beauty about buying a story and having double sided paper is that I have plenty of choice for the pages. Excuse the really poor photo quality of the layouts, I wanted natural light to show the true colours but as usual its a dull old day everytime I take pics of layouts, might have to go back to my old way of photographing them.

Best news is my kiddos finish school today, YAHOO, sleep in tomorrow and with the start of a cold lingering, you know the one with the old dry scratchy throat type, yucko, I have been to the chemist and I am armed with Echinacea etc to kill it quick. Tomorrow I may have more layouts to share so stay tuned. LOL.
Take care, Trace.
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