Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long time no post

this has been a long time and so much has been happening around here, now to remember will be the problem, most of us have turned another year older, Trin has been in and out of plaster and Zay has ear problems which is making his speech delayed, he is going to speech as is Trin who has other problems but we are getting there, I have so much running around to do for these appointments so it has meant I am even busier and no time at all for the things I like to do. Being a Mum just has far too much demand sometimes but I guess you just do what you have to do. Tuesday I had been back and forth to the school 4 times and ended up staying for soccer training so I didn't have to go back for the 5th time.

Betwen all that I am trying to spring clean, out with more clothes and lucky for me when Rainee has a growth spurt I can attack Trin's wardrobe and replenish Rainee with her clothes. I have had a change around with the kids TV room and bought some new furniture and got rid of the bits and pieces we had there, so that room looks a lot better now and thankfully the toys are getting less, woo hoo for that, less is best.

Tim is home for good and looks like he has a new job to start on Monday, he has been home for 2 weeks now and getting a few unfinished things done, including new limestone garden beds, just need mulch now and a few more new plants. Zay did not handle his Dad going away for work too much, well none of us did really but the last time he went away, he really broke his heart and we decided it was not worth putting him through it anymore. We are more settled now with having him home and I feel for the first time since we moved here that life is going to be great for us all, a new start and hopefully this new job will work out, more Tim's style of work with him working in the great outdoors, he will get super fit apparently so I better get my act together too and loose all this excess I have gained lately.

I hope with Tim home at nights now to get back into scrapping, I don't know why my mojo left home when he did but I have not had it for 6 months now. I was just too tired to even consider scrapping by the time I dealt with everything here.

Keelan has a huge weekend coming up, well we all have really Mum and Dad are arriving tomorrow to be a part of it, he has soccer grand final on Saturday morning bright and early
they had an absolute heart stopper of a game last week, went into extra time and thankfully they took it out. pheww, don't know what this week will bring as the kids are playing the top team but if they stay on the ball they have a good chance. Lots of prayers will be said. LOL. After the game they have their wind up for lunch and then we have to go for presentations at 3pm back to the soccer field. Sunday morning bright and early is his Confirmation, what a truly wonderful experience this has been so far, the build up and meetings and preparation has been full on but just wonderful to relive how important this time is for a Catholic. It will be a beautiful spiritual experience for us all on Sunday to see them all present to the Bishop with their sponsors, Keelan has chosen my Dad for his sponsor and is taking Saint Laurence for his name. We had the Family reconciliation last night at the church and that was lovely to see all the candidates and their families.

Keelan has grown so much lately in his faith and as a young Man, I am so proud of him and what he is achieving this year, year 7 is definitely a character defining year for children. Well I best leave it at that for now, I will try and keep this updated and will have photos for his confirmation to share next week.
Take care

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