Sunday, February 08, 2009

My kiddies are growing up fast.

Last night before we went out to a Friends house for BBQ I got Tim to take some pics of the kids and me, Keelan is missing due to being with his Dad this weekend worst luck so I will have to try for an update soon but it was good to grab a spur of the moment shot like this. Don't get them often as I usually take the pics.
Oh look at my Baby, he is going to kindy for 2 full days this week, he was so annoyed last week was just Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning but he gets to use his lunch box and be a big boy this week. 2 full days and boy do I have major missions set for myself, Girlfriends are trying to tee up lunch dates and coffee and all that is zinging in my head is get this house cleaned out well and truly of clutter, the holidays were very laid back where the house was concerned so now I am afraid I have big jobs on my hands. The scrap room is major, I need to cull heaps as I have far too much stuff I will never get to scrap and as it is at the front of the house it really desperately needs attention, I hate that everyone walks in and looks at mess everywhere as I have run out of room to put things. Then it will be bedroom by bedroom, I am getting rid of toys that have been around a few years before the Birthdays start again.

Last week was a bit of a hard one, Tim got posted for work at a depot 2 hours from here for 3 days so he had 4 hour round trip on top of all the deliveries he had to do once there. He was totally spent when he got home and I was the same with all the run around and after school and evening sports starting again. We are hoping that Tomorrow will be the last stint for Tim at this place and he will return to normal around here. You just don't realise how tiring that return to school and running around routine actually is until you have had a break from it. Hope this week will be a little easier and I will have a bit more time to catch up on the home front.

We have had a great weekend though, Rainee has decided to give Dancing a go this year yahoo, she went for a trial on Saturday and has been put up a class to challenge her, she loved it and was so happy. I knew giving her another year would give her some maturity and confidence and it has worked. She is so ready to be doing a sport, her and Zaylan clash so much lately and I could see she just needed something else to be interested in. Trin is glad to be back dancing and Keelan is glad to be back to Tae kwon do. Tim got home early Saturday from work so he spent some time mowing the lawn and weeding a bit and I went and helped him for a while between doing bits inside. Today has been catching up here, the kids played outside and I got lots caught up inside.

The canvas below is one I did a while back for Trin's room, I hope to get this room sorted out soon and then be able to spend one of my free days creating. Wow what an awesome thought, it has been a day I have been waiting for, I will miss Zay but I am happy for him to start Kindy as he is just so ready and so excited.

Have a great week, Take care, Trace.
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Anonymous said...

Hey there. Thanks for the link. Now I can look for a face!!!
Love all the summer pics.

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