Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our Christmas 08.

We had a nice quiet Christmas Day this year, Keelan was at his Dad's and Mum and Dad came to celebrate Christmas with us. The kids got very spoilt this year but it is nice to do that some years, especially when it is low key. We had a hot lunch which was delicious and the day just ambled along nicely, no stress or pressure just very cruisey. Boxing Day my Mum's Brother and his Wife came and had lunch with us, once again it was very cruisey. Saturday Tim had to go to work for half the day and I went and picked up Keelan early and then my Brother, Brad and his family came for the day. It was another great day and we had a BBQ for lunch. Keelan had Alter Serving to do at Saturday mass and the other boy didn't turn up so he was on his own, Mum and Dad were very proud watching him as this is the first time they have seen him serve. So that pretty much finished off a great few days. It was really nice having people come on different days and made entertaining so easy, felt like we got to enjoy our visitors more and with Mum helping me with the food it all came together very easy. The kids loved having time to enjoy their pressies without having to be off here there and everywhere and they have had a lot of fun so far with the Wii. Rainee keeps getting sore tummy muscles from the boxing. How much fun is that little unit of fun, even Mum has been playing tennis on it.

Sunday after lunch Mum and Dad had to go home and took Keelan and Trinity home for the week. It has been nice having time with just 2 kids and we are meeting on Sunday to have a picnic and celebrate my Brother's Birthday which was yesterday and swap the 2 little ones for the 2 big ones. I think Keelan will spend most of next week on Guitar hero which he got for Christmas and plays really well on.

Yesterday Rainee, Zay and I went shopping and then came home, unpacked it and had lunch and had some laid back time in the arvo. Rainee got a handful of redskins Zay wanted at the shops and I told her she had too many and to watch her teeth. Within 5 mins she started to complain about a molar and I fobbed her off saying redskins would hurt her teeth. About 10 mins later she came and asked should her tooth look like this, to which I peered in her mouth and OMG the middle part of her molar was ripped out and her tooth broken in half. So I ring dental surgery after dental surgery but they are all closed till the 5th Jan. I finally spoke to a lady at the public dental clinic and although they couldn't help due to me not being on a health care card she did suggest I find an emergency number for a dentist and ring them. I found only one with a mobile number and rang him. He gave me an appointment for her in 45 mins. Well he couldn't repair it, so it was a pull out job. She was so brave as it was not easy to get the broken bits out and she will need to get a spacer fitted now so no other teeth fill that position. She would not have lost that tooth till 10-12 years old. I dare say she will never touch a redskin again. I await the bill which probably will cause me more pain than her but I am grateful that we could get her seen to and not wait 5 more days. Poor chick.

Off to the movies with the little ones tomorrow, they have been so great this week they deserve some time out. We had a very low key New Year due to Tim working a really long day and Rainee with her tooth and today has been very casual with BBQ breakfast and then a drive to get some coffee beans and an ice cream this arvo, lots of people out and about and some with that very glazed hang over look. Glad it was not me. hehehe.
Take care and lets hope 2009 is a very good one for us all. Trace. xxx
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